I want to introduce you all to this amazing make-up range from Superdrug, a UK store.  I am loving MUA Cosmetics!  All the products cost £1.  Yes, £1 GBP!  I stumbled upon this when my sister and I were out shopping for cosmetics and I went crazy and here is my MUA shopping haul.
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I bought a few items from the MUA range to test it out – 5 x eyeshadows, 4 x nail polishes, 2 x lipsticks and 1 xblusher = £12 in total.


MUA cosmetics, MUA cosmetics uk, MUA cosmetics swatches, MUA eyeshadows
Nail Polishes (2 coats)
MUA nail polish swatches, MUA cosmetics
lipstick swatches, MUA lipsticks
(Blusher swatch not included because I’m too lazy hehe)

My Opinions

  • MUA packaging is simple but not tacky
  • However, MUA product shades are not named with funky cool names but just with numbers, e.g. shade 1 – which is boring!
  • I love the colours of the MUA Eyeshadows  – very vibrant and fresh.  The colours stayed on well when used with eyeshadow primer.  (Have no idea of staying power without primer because basically, I LOVE primer!)
  • MUA Nail Polishes were a bit of a hit and miss.  One of them was runny, one of them was gloopy but I love the midnight blue shimmer one –  (I am currently wearing this shade on my toes)
  • MUA Lipsticks are surprisingly good.  I say suprisingly because I am not usually a fan of lipsticks but recently, I have been using them a lot.  (Am I ageing??)  Rather moisturising and staying power is good, but the pink one has a sickly vanilla taste.
  • The MUA Blusher is nice and pink for summer.
  • For £1, I was really impressed with the quality and quite frankly, I wish I bought more!!!  If only there was a Superdrug in Australia…

You can now buy MUA products online and they ship internationally too : http://www.muastore.co.uk

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  1. Great swatches ! 🙂
    I love the colours on the eyeshadows – I would definitely wear them 😀 !! (and I need a primer..) Also love the pink nail polish colour; looks superrr nice !!

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