I am sure that there are many women out there who feel the same about what I am going to share.  Picture this scene :

You are out shopping when you see the most gorgeous handbag ever.  You admire it from afar and slowly, walk towards it.  You gently caress the material and your fingers are in lust.  You pick up the handbag and go to the nearest mirror and your reflection shows it all.  You MUST HAVE that handbag, regardless of the price.  You pay for it and there is no guilt because it is a MUST HAVE.  You go home and pack it away.  Often, you look at it and admire its beauty.  But for some bizarre reason, you never find a good opportunity to use it.  Yes, dear readers, this may be a Must-Have Handbag, but it is severely under-used!

Please allow me to introduce one of my Must-Have But Under-Used Handbags.

handbags, white, studs, fresh-out-the-bag

This is a lovely handbag I bought when I was in Venice in 2007.  It caught my eye immediately.  It is white with a creamy leather strap and sprinkled with studs.

handbags, studs, white, lock-and-key, leather
Back then, there were not many handbags with the lock and key feature so I think that’s what made it special for me.  I don’t remember how much it cost but I do remember that it burnt a little hole in my purse.

The colour easily goes with many of my outfits.  It is of a good size.  When I look at it, I still think it looks beautiful.  Yet, I have used it for only a few occasions.  I don’t understand why because I feel that it can look good with casual wear and evening wear.  Sigh.

handbags, expensive, studs, white leather

What is your Must-Have But Under-Used Handbag?

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