my baby bump at week 15

LOOK AT THE ABOVE PHOTO CAREFULLY!!!  This is called a BABY BUMP at 15 weeks and 6 days.  NOT to be confused with a food baby.  NOT to be confused with flabby belly.


And this photo is the best flabby belly / food baby I could find of myself.  Notice how the flab flops down and doesn’t stay up like a baby bump.

I am just making sure you notice the difference so that you never do what some people did to me previously…

This bitchy post is dedicated to all the (so-called) friends and random strangers out there who made my life rather miserable when they asked the following questions that no non-pregnant woman who is undergoing fertility issues (e.g. trying to conceive but hasn’t happened yet, suffering a recent miscarriage, etc) :-

1.  Are you pregnant?  Because you LOOK like you are!
2.  Have you just given birth?  Because you LOOK like you just have!
3.  When are you going to have a baby?  You REALLY should at your age!

Yes, I tell no lies.  All the above did happen…on numerous occasions…and I even got my flabby food baby belly rubbed!!!  SO WRONG!!!

INSULTING – yes!  HUMILIATING – yes!  UPSETTING – yes!  And I remember every single person who did it…and some were REPEAT OFFENDERS!!!  (And if you are reading this and you remember doing this to me – SHAME ON YOU!!!  Because you made me cry!  Into my pillow at night!  But I have forgiven you…kinda…so let’s not bring this up ever again, thanks!)

At first, I laughed it off because it was kinda funny…  People mistook my flab, i.e. FOOD BABY (yes, I LOVE MY FOOD – WHAT ABOUT IT?!) as a real baby…

But then it stopped being funny…  Especially when I was hiding my heartbreak and sadness of losing my first bubba behind my fake smile…  IT WAS NOT FUNNY!!!  And then there was the second bubba…  AWFUL!!  JUST AWFUL!!!

Anyway… so when I got pregnant for the 3rd time….  I was waiting…  Waiting for someone to ask me any of those questions.

But for some bizarre reason, EVERY time I have been preggers, NOBODY has asked me those questions.  And it probably boils down to the fact that I get STRESSED so I lose my appetite and I stop gorging on junk food galore.

And I lost the most weight with this pregnancy…because of the all-day sickness which has AT LAST stopped around 2 weeks ago.  YAY!  And then my baby bump just popped overnight…and I have been SO HAPPY even though I do feel like a fat blob sometimes.

I always thought I would be one of those obsessed mothers-to-be who would take hourly / daily / weekly photos of their baby bump to see the progression….but I’m NOT!!  I also thought I would be a crazy obsessed lady and buy all the baby clothes in sight…but I HAVEN’T!!  I also thought I would read every pregnancy book in town…but I’ve barely read a page of a pregnancy book that my girlfriend gave me.  I thought I would record every pregnancy detail in a pregnancy diary or blog, but I haven’t either.  I seriously thought I was going to turn into Mum-zilla…but I haven’t.  What’s going on???

Oh well…  Anyway, the next post I write will either be on alpha thalassaemia (because I have been inundated with questions and comments on it) OR my tips on how to conceive (as we have been told that we have been extremely “blessed” as we had 3 pregnancies within a year…and yes, I do have some interesting tips…or at least I think they are interesting…) so stay tuned y’all!  And let me know by leaving a comment on which topic you prefer…or none at all because you don’t really care 😛

2 Comments on My Baby Bump

  1. Chelsea
    17/07/2013 at 10:47 am (4 years ago)

    My father once told me:

    Never ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless you can physically see a baby – and even then, tread carefully.

    Truer words have never been spoken. The only time I thought a friend was pregnant, I was right – and only because we'd been friends for 18 years, I could tell that teeny tiny little bump was a jellybean. <3

    p.s your bump is the cutest thing ever. xxx

  2. Ling
    25/07/2013 at 10:59 pm (4 years ago)

    @Chelsea, Your father is wise!!! 🙂

    p.s. thanks 🙂 hehe xxx