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Salon M
409 Malvern Road
South Yarra 
VIC 3141

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Salon M and asked if I would like a blowdry.  I thought about for 2 seconds before I said, “Yes, please!”  An appointment was booked and here is what happened :-

  • I was 2 minutes late and I arrived at Salon M all sweaty.  The walk from the train station was around 7-10 minutes…but in typical Ling fashion, I took a wrong turn.  I was greeted by friendly staff members and my stylist for the day was the beautiful Jenn.  I knew I would like her straight away because she was rocking a bright orange lipstick and I couldn’t stop admiring it – this was quite apt as I had bought the domain – – on that very morning.
  •  After a quick friendly chat / consultation, I was led to get my hair washed.  I can report that the temperature of the water was perfect and no water in the ears.  YAY!  We continued chatting as she washed my hair.  For some bizarre reason, my mind went blank when she asked me what hair products I use.  It’s probably due to the fact that I use a variety of different hair potions and lotions to tame my mane.  Anyway, she said she was only asking because my hair was healthy and strong even though I’ve had it coloured and I wash and dry it every night and use hair appliances all the time.  (BTW – tomorrow’s post will be about the hair products I’ve been using lately.)
  • After towel-drying my hair and applying heat protectant spray, my hair was blowdried (with no scalp burning) and put into huge rollers.  I’ve never had that done before so it was really fun!  Pity it looks really complicated and I don’t think it’s something I can do on myself.
  •  When the big rollers were removed, I could only think of one word – VOLUME!  To finish off the look, Jenn curled the ends of my hair with ghd straighteners and spritzed on hairspray.  I had big bouncy curls and I felt like one of the girls in a hair commercial!

I had a great time at Salon M with friendly staff and a fabulous blowdry experience.  If you live in Melbourne and want to check them out yourself, here’s their website.

Have you ever gone to a hair salon for a blowdry?  If not, I bet you’ll book one when you read Hair Romance’s 9 reasons why a salon blowdry rocks.

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  1. Oh wow, sounds like such a fun experience. I would love to try them out as I noticed they are in Melbourne! Maybe i’ll venture down on my Dec holidays!

  2. I’ve had one before @ Aqua de Paris in Glen Waverley. She curled it + I loved it! Best look ever 😀 It was the first time I have seen my hair in curls (+ not look like an afro) in quite a long time! Yay for growing out my hair XD)

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