If I am truly honest, my signature scent begins with B and ends with O.  Some of us have it and some of us don’t.  I have it but my other half doesn’t.  Damn him!  Companies who sell deodorants / body sprays / EDTs / perfumes are rolling in money thanks to our smelly problem!  Anyway, I have currently stopped using all the deodorants that I own because I have had a few pus spots in my pits.  YUK!  I know!  Tell me about it!!!  Instead, I am relying on these two babies to keep me smelling good – Biotherm Eau Pure by Vanessa Bruno for daytime and Balenciaga L’Essence Eau De Parfum for the evening.

Biotherm Eau Pure by Vanessa Bruno

My husband and I both love this refreshing light scent.  It smells like the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer.  It makes me feel happy and awakened.  I love that it’s in a purse spray because I can take it anywhere and spritz it when needed…but at the same time, it’s running out quickly!  Yes, this is a PR sample but I was hoping to buy a few more of these or even a bigger bottle in the Biotherm stores in Hong Kong – but there were none to be found.  I just need to start saving and buy it in Myer where I spotted the bigger version of this.  Love it!

Balenciaga L’Essence Eau De Parfum

Everything about this screams ‘luxe’.  But I would expect nothing less because it is Balenciaga (J’adore their handbags!) and hence its price tag of $145 AUD for 50ml.  Because it is EDP, I don’t need to douse myself with it but just a light-handed spritz inside my wrists and behind my ears (the pulse points) and I’m done.  The scent needs time to settle into my skin and it only comes alive about 15-20 minutes after application.  It’s strange how some perfumes do that!  It’s a sensual and womanly scent with a slight hint of floral (the press release says it is violet leaves) and that’s why I mainly use it during the evenings.

What is your current signature scent?

3 Comments on My Current Signature Scents Featuring Biotherm & Balenciaga

  1. Jasmine1485
    11/02/2012 at 2:16 pm (6 years ago)

    My long-time favourite is Flower Oriental by Kenzo, hang on, I’ll find a description of it…

    Top notes are floral notes and incense; middle notes are violet and bulgarian rose; base notes are pepper and vanilla.

    It always makes me feel mysterious and feminine, I love the incense note 🙂 More recently I’ve also been wearing a lot of ‘With Love’ by (I know!) Hilary Duff. It’s description:

    A youthful fragrance with notes of mangosteen fruit, spices, mangosteen flower, cocobolo wood, amber milk, and amber

    Yum! It’s one of those perfumes that makes me happy when I spray it on in the morning, very light and pretty.

    • Ling
      13/02/2012 at 9:44 pm (6 years ago)

      @Jasmine1485, I love the sound of the perfumes you described. Must check them out in the shops 🙂

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