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I’m talking about shoes today.  Oh-so-comfy shoes from the Diana Ferrari Supersoft range.

A few months ago, my Osteopath (I am no longer seeing that ‘mouldy bra’ chiropractor) said my flat feet may be a contributing factor to my chronic lower back pain and suggested seeing a Podiatrist.  I was like, “No way José!” when I realised how much they can charge you to analyse how you walk.  I know how I walk.  I walk like a penguin – shuffling and dragging my BIG flat feet.  I have VERY BIG feet for my very short height.  I am a size 40 and I am just over 5 foot.  I know.  I’ve heard all the jokes before.  Har-de-har!!

Sensing my refusal to see a Podiatrist, my Osteopath voiced her opinions on the shoes I was wearing.  She did not approve of my flat ballet pumps from Target (but I love them!) and suggested a few brands for me to try out instead – Diana Ferrari Supersoft, Clarks and some other Nana-shoe brand.  Why did she not say Christian Louboutin?!!

Off I waddled (*hehe*) to my nearest Diana Ferrari Outlet store (hey, I’m el cheapo and refuse to pay full price!) in Essendon and found this boring black demi wedge pair of shoes with a cute ribbon.  They were on sale for around $60 (which I thought were still a tad pricey) and I bought them with the intention of wearing them for work.

diana ferrari shoes, diana ferrari melbourne, diana ferrari black shoes

Whaddya know?  They are oh-so-comfy!!!  At my workplace (dental surgery), NOBODY wears high heels because it isn’t practical in our field of work.  Well, check this!  Nowadays, I strut around work like I own the place because it makes a little “I am wearing high heels” kinda noise.  Gosh, I feel so important!!  😛

And I have actually noticed slight improvement in my lower back pain; but it has somehow migrated to my neck, DAMMIT!  Not to worry because I’m off to see my Osteo again tonight to hopefully sort it out!  Maybe she will notice me and my Diana Ferrari Supersoft shoes 😛

My only gripe with these shoes is the insoles are a bit iffy.  I think my sweaty feet somehow distorted the insoles so they are not as comfy as they used to be 🙁

My Diana Ferrari Supersoft shoes may not look amazingly flattering on my BIG feet, but they are oh-so-comfy and I can’t wait to purchase another pair.  And ooh, my sister-in-law complimented my shoes when I went over for dinner a few weeks ago…but then again, I usually rock up in dirty flip-flops so anything has gotta be better than that 😛

6 comments on “My First Pair Of Diana Ferrari Supersoft Shoes Are Oh-So-Comfy!”

  1. I LOVE Diana Ferrari’s Supersoft shoes. In fact, my favourite pair of leopard print flats were also from the Supersoft range. Admittedly some of the designs are quite “auntie” but sometimes you just hit the jackpot with the range.

    Btw, if you’re worried about sweaty feet (I know I am!), try the Kiwi Select Freshin’s (http://www.kiwishoeshine.com/KIWI-Select-Freshins-Womens-6-pairs_p_506.html). I absolutely love these. Plus they protect your leather soles 🙂

  2. I used to wear Supersofts ALL the time to work. Gosh, they were awesome. It reminds me I should go buy them again. They’re so comfy and last so long! x

  3. They certainly don’t look that bad!

    I actually don’t think I own any shoes from DF! Must remedy that.stat. 🙂

    I had a little LOL moment at the SIL/Dinner comment.

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