My name is Ling and I am Asian and I have a stupid eyelid.  Before I tell you more about my stupid eyelid, please allow me to give you a quick intro on Asian eyelids – there are the monolids (one type) and the double lids (many types).  If you have monolids, you will most likely desire double lids (please correct me if I am wrong) and if you have double lids, you will be happy and you will not desire monolids (again, correct me if I am wrong).  However, it’s not that simple…because your right eyelid may not be the same as your left eyelid!  As a result, Asian eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is the most common facial surgical procedure amongst Asians.

(In fact, I was speaking to a girlfriend today.  She has just returned from a trip to Singapore and she got her eyelids stitched there for $1800 AUD and it looks AMAZING!  I WANT!!!!  She said it hurt like Mother F when local anaesthetic was administered to the inside of her eyelid.)

Types Of Asian Eyelids

a) Asian eye with single eyelid, no crease (aka : monolid)
b) Asian eyelid with crease (aka : double lid)
c) Asian eyelid with broken or non-continuous crease
d) Asian eyelid with partial crease
e) Asian eye with multiple eyelid creases
f) Asian eyelid with nasally tapered crease and some widening on the outer end
g) Asian eyelid with parallel crease
h) Typical Caucasian eyelid crease (semi-lunar) (Note : non-Asian)





My Hooded Eyelid

Now I was born and blessed with double eyelids – both of type f).  But in recent years, my right double eyelid has turned from an f) into a d) and if you add the ageing process and gravity into the equation as well, you will notice that my beautiful right double eyelid has indeed turned into a stupid hooded right eyelid!!!

This hood makes my eye look tired and droopy.  My upper lashes don’t curl up as well.  *cries*

Instead of jumping on the next plane to Asia and paying a top Asian surgeon to give me eyelid surgery, I went to my local Daiso store (Daiso is a Japanese store and every product is $2.80 AUD in Australia) and bought a packet of their eyelid tape.  Obviously I would prefer the former option, but we have no moolah for such luxuries – sigh!!

The packet comes with 30 pairs of eyelid tape and a white plastic stick (which is used for pushing, apparently).  I followed the instructions as best as I could…( read : I did NOT wipe my eyelids and I did NOT measure my eyelid and cut the tape as instructed.  I just took out a piece of tape and stuck it on my lid and poked my eyeball with the stick!)

Trust me!  It looks more difficult than it looks to use eyelid tape.  It was my first attempt and because I did not follow the exact instructions, the tape didn’t stick on so well at the edges…even though it was a bit of a fail, I could see an improvement already.  Check it out!

I googled the use of eyelid tape and some recommend using it on top of make-up and some recommend a thicker type and some recommend a different brand.  There’s a whole new world on eyelid tape on the internet!!!

I just need a bit more practice to perfect the eyelid tape placement…but at the same time, I’m a bit apprehensive about using it in public.  I mean, it’s pretty hard to conceal…and what if it started unpeeling at the edges…hmmm…??  Time to start saving for eyelid surgery methinks!!!

Have you used eyelid tape before?  Or have you had your eyelids stitched?  Please share your experiences or recommendations.

38 comments on “My Hooded Eyelid And A Review Of Daiso Eyelid Tape”

  1. Ohhh interesting! I didn’t know Asian has these many types of eyelids 😛 I think I have B type!


  2. i tried eyelid tapes but never find the right position. and it’s hard to keep the tape lasting all day.

  3. I’ve never used it, but the idea kind of scares me! lol 🙂 You have lovely eyes, your eyelids are fine hun

  4. This was interesting! I never knew such an operation existed. I don’t like to think about it though, lol.

    I’ve tagged you for the Top 10 award on my blog by the way, my post on it will be published tomorrow 🙂

  5. Though I’m at uni today, I think this will be the most interesting thing I’ll learn today! Where is your nearest Daiso, btw? Want to go but don’t know where it is =( Doncaster?

    • @emmabovary, It’s crazy unfair having weird Asian eyelids lol. And there’s a Daiso in Doncaster and one in Richmond – where do you live? I wonder which one is closest to you… But they’re cheap as chips! 😉

  6. I’m Type F!!! And it’s really f*king annoying because I have to keep my eyes closed till my liner dries 100% else it will smear everywhere near the inner corner of the eye. Ahhhhh.

  7. Come and do it in my clinic! 😀
    We do the Korean double eyelid stitch which is reversible so if you don’t like it, we can undo it and/or re-do it!

  8. We have two clinics but the one with a theatre is located in Oakleigh.

    It costs AUD$2200 and you will be asleep before we even stick a needle into you so you won’t feel a thing.

    If you are thinking about doing just one eye, then I’m sure our doctor can work something cheaper for you.

  9. Hi Ling! I just found your blog! I’ve always heard of eyelid tape, but have never seen it (like a mythical creature)! Thanks for the review. I just need to find a store in Texas??! And did you end up putting makeup on top of the tape? Did it look okay?

    xo, sam

    • @Samantha, Hi Samantha, welcome to my blog 🙂 To answer your question, I ended up taking the tape off…but yeah, I think you are supposed to put make-up on top of it. I am going to try it one day and post up a blog post 😉

  10. yuck, i share your uneven eyelid woes. my eyes are monolid but as soon as i apply any sort of lash (even demi lash w super thin lash band) the left one turn into freaking type f lah!! maybe with careful poking right one will become type c but only if lucky. usually it stays monolid so annoying. also cannot use tape bcoz the actual lid pushes the tape over my lashes. annoyed max

  11. I use eyelid tape every now and then because one of my eyelids are uneven so I have one bigger than the other. For me the eyelid tape is very noticeable whether you wear it under or over makeup so I normally wear it overnight and in the morning I have even eyelids (most of the time)! If not, I’ll normally cut the eyelid tape smaller to fit better. My eyes are Type G I think.

  12. OMG!!! hahah i even have the same eye that is hooded! I HATE IT SO MUCH! i have thought about using eye tapes, the ones that you just showed here, and the there are the types that are just a wand with glue, and you position the glue where you want the line. have you tried that? i haven’t tired either because i cant find it in stores, only online =[ and online stuff can be fake, especially ebay!!

      • @Ling Tung, also cant i ask…
        whilst applying eye make up, do you apply both evenly, or do you apply it unevenly so that it somewhat looks even when you have your eyes open?
        personally i apply it unevenly so that they end up looking even whilst my eyes are open, but whilst my eyes are closed, they look slightly different. (especially when i’m doing a thick liner look)

  13. I know how you feel, my right eye is type b,and my left is e. I’m very self-concious about that, i’ve been thinking about surgery for some time now, but than I found out about these stuff 🙂 do you think it can help on getting from e(multiple eyelid creases) to b ( double crease which i have on my other eye) ? cause I havent read anywhere so far that someone had that particular ‘problem’ 😀

    • @Radaaa, I think the best thing is to speak to a surgeon who does eyelid surgery. I really want my eyelids sorted out. I hate them SO much!

  14. I have same the same problem with my eyelid too. My right eye turns from double to hood eyelid while my left remain double eyelid. It’s really annoy sometime since it makes my eye looks tired and sleepy

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