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Picture the following scenario…  You’re getting it on with your partner and it’s getting all hot and heavy when suddenly you feel the roughest sandpaper hands on your delicate body parts.  Do you shriek and stop or carry on because you like it like that?  If you shriek and stop, then you will definitely be interested in the following 3 Mary Kay products from the Satin Hands range which changed my husband’s sandpaper “rough as guts” hands to softer and much more pleasant (but still very manly) hands :-

  • Mary Kay Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub
  • Mary Kay Fragrance Free Hand Softener
  • Mary Kay Peach Hand Cream

best hand scrub, hand scrub, Mary Kay Hand Scrub, Mary Kay Satinhands

I know, I know.  If your man is like my man, then it’s a constant struggle to get them to use anything remotely “girly” to compromise their manliness *rolls eyes* and hand cream screams “girly” to them!!!  But the saviour is Mary Kay Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub.  “Scrub” is a manly word and also, using this exfoliating scrub with its gritty exfoliant bits and massaging it on hands gives a very satisfying sensation.  The smell is a GORGEOUS peachy smell….almost like you died and went to peaches heaven!!!  And after rinsing, any dried cracked skin from hands is gone and hands are instantly softer.

Follow the scrub with Mary Kay Fragrance Free Hand Softener to maintain softness.  It has a thick balmy texture and it is very rich and nourishing.  My Husband only uses this when he is planning to pounce on me the following day!!  Because he knows that if his hands aint soft, he aint coming anywhere near me!  😛

hand cream for softer hands, best hand cream, mary kay hand cream, mary kay satinhands

My Husband hardly uses Mary Kay Peach Hand Cream (because it is too girly!) but I use it regularly at night and if I “accidentally” squeeze too much out of the tube, he will rub some on his hands.  It also smells divine – and I wish the scent came in a fragrance spray because someone in my bedroom (not me!) loves to sleep, snore and fart – all at the same time!!!  I wonder who I could be referring to…?? 😛

Anyway, I know my Husband’s hands aren’t baby soft, but they are definitely feeling peachy now after using these products and he didn’t have to compromise his manliness!!  Thank you Mary Kay!

To purchase Mary Kay products, go to marykay.com.au

The Wee Print

Disclosure :  These seriously amazing hand products were part of a Christmas care package – thanks again Mary Kay!

8 comments on “My Husband’s Hands are Feeling Peachy Thanks to Mary Kay”

  1. HA HA HA!!! I love that insight into your bedroom life 😛
    I love the hand softener before work – I work in a mine, so it really protects them from the oobie-goobies 😉

  2. LOLOLOLOL i had such a laugh in office!

    i have long given up hope on making my boy be a little more “beauty-conscious”, he’s just too lazy!

    but i must say, he’s got a pair of pretty soft and nice hands for a guy’s standard!

    • @plue, Yay, I made someone else apart from me laugh 😛

      P.S. You’re lucky! Don’t need to force him to do hand scrub or hand cream 😉

      • @Ling, nah i wouldn’t, he hates putting on potions and lotions, and hates it when I put on scented stuff, he always ask me why am i putting chemical onto myself! =_=

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