Kerastase Australia are currently running a complimentary Kerastase Ritual Treatment – for more details, check out their website.  It is important to note that not all salons provide the Kerastase Ritual Treatment for free –  some salons only provide this service if you get a cut and blowdry.  I know this because the first salon I called up said that this was part of their terms and conditions – and seeing as I have a hair appointment booked in September, I said, “No thanks!” and called the next nearest salon in my hood  – Anthony Nitson Hair in Doncaster – who were definitely providing a complimentary Kerastase Ritual Treatment with no hidden charges.  I redeemed my offer yesterday and boy, it was an AMAZING experience!

Anthony Nitson Hair
30 Ayr Street
(03) 9850 6350

The shop front is somewhat deceiving.  From the outside, it looks like small wee hair salon, but it’s not!  It’s very big – length-wise…if that makes sense…(and that sounds rather dodgy…ahem…)

Tip :  Be wary of the front step as soon as you step into the salon!  I didn’t know and tripped up.  Luckily there wasn’t a client in sight to witness my wee accident.

Staff there were friendly and welcoming (and I spied an Olivia Palermo lookalike called Rebecca!!) – David looked after me the entire time I was there.  As I mentioned earlier, there were no other clients getting their hair done so I felt very important and I imagined they opened the salon just for me!  LOL.  I had a mini consultation to voice out my hair concerns which were dry tips and occasional dandruff.  David nodded and said he knew just the right Kerastase products to help my hair – Bain Gommage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Masque Nutri-Thermique with Elixir Ultime.

Review Of My Kerastase Ritual Treatment Experience At Anthony Nitson Hair

Hair-Washing Chair
Usually, the hair-washing chair (I don’t know what else to call it) can be quite uncomfortable especially for my neck, but I had no qualms with the chair here.  David asked if I wanted the massage function for the chair during my treatment, but I declined.  The massage chairs can make me really itchy because of blood circulation – yes, I am weird like that!

Water Temperature & Pressure
Perfect the entire time!  No cold blast of water and no scalp burning temperatures either.

Hair-Washer AKA David
He was friendly and chatty (but not too chitty chatty).  His hair-washing and massaging technique was great and he kept asking if everything was okay.  He explained the benefits of the products he was going to use for my hair.  The only unpleasant bits were when I got soap suds in my right ear which blocked my hearing temporarily and I caught a whiff of his cigarette-breath.  But only a whiff.  Nothing I can’t handle compared to the breaths I have smelt as a dentist.

The Best Part
The best part was the Kerastase Masque Nutri-Thermique.  It smelt fantastic when it was getting applied and then two warm towels were used to wrap up my hair.  Heavenly!!!!  Must try this at home.  Warm towels work wonders!!

Hair Drying
Usually, I hate getting my hair dried at hair salons.  Why?  I have had one too many scalp burns!!!  Or if it’s not that, then my hair will get randomly blow-dried and then straightened with a flat iron making my hair look flatter than my boobs.  What’s the point in that?  I can do that myself at home with my straighteners!

Anyway, I never got any of the above with David!  AMAZING!!!  He skilfully dried my hair making my hair look sleek and shiny but with volume sans scalp burns – hello?  That’s what I call a professional blowdry!!!

My hair feels so soft and shiny and I love it to bits!!!!

David HIGHLY recommended a few Kerastase products tailored for my hair – I wouldn’t say he was pushy but he was persistent!  I have a few hair products to get through before I will allow myself to buy more, but the Kerastase products will be on my wishlist.

Before I left, he took down my details, handed me some Kerastase sachets and gave me the salon’s business cards.  I took that opportunity to pass him The Best Beauty Blog’s business card.  He looked puzzled when I said I would review my experience.  LOL.  I would highly recommend Anthony Nitson Hair Salon for a Kerastase Ritual Treatment if you live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  I will be back!  Hubby says my hair smells good and looks healthier – #Winning!!!

For more details, check out Anthony Nitson Hair Salon’s website.

Disclaimer :  I was not compensated in any way to write this review.

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  1. Your hair does look really soft and shiny!! I have the same dilemma with hairdressers blow-drying my hair because they always make it look so flat! Too bad I don’t live in Melbourne….

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