Perfume is a word I associate with females, but apparently, males wear perfumes too!  I think I’ll stick with the word ‘cologne’ for them.  Anyway, today is rather interesting on The Best Beauty Blog because I’m going to review a male product – Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT.  Now, obviously, I am not a man and I don’t wear male fragrances…so why am I reviewing this?  Well, my Husband tested the product and he’s like a typical guy so his review went like this…

Me :  “What do you think of Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT?”
Him :  “Yeah, it’s good.”
Me :  “Erm…can you be more descriptive?”
Him :  “Yeah, it smells good.”
Me :  “Is that it?”
Him :  “Yes.  I like it.  What else do you want me to say?”…and turns back to his iPad…

The End.

He is definitely not a male beauty blogger in the making!  Allow me to handle this…

Ralph Lauren review, fragrance

Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection has 4 different fragrances :-

#1 Sport (blue)
#2 Seductive (red)
#3 Adventurous (green)
#4 Stylish (yellow)

A Ralph Lauren PR kindly sent us #3 Adventurous to test out and this scent features key notes of fresh mint and ginger.  Now I’m not a perfume analyst and I can’t really break it down any further, but all I know is that it is a lovely light masculine scent on my Husband.  It’s great for the forthcoming Spring!  The Husband and I toddled off to our nearest Myer department store to sniff out the other 3 and we both agreed that #3 was the best of the lot.

The 125ml bottle comes with limited edition earphones…which are now permanently plugged into the Husband’s iPad and I have a feeling my geeky Husband liked this the most.  Father’s Day is this Sunday for Aussie dads and if you’re stuck for ideas, Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection #3 EDT would be a great gift to give!  Obviously, I wouldn’t give this to my Dad – I don’t want to associate my Dad and my Husband with the same smell!!!

What does your man smell of?

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  1. hahah sadly males don’t share the same enthusiasm as us girls! ralph lauren does great fragrances for men, my bf wears polo blue as well as red, white & blue 🙂

  2. funny! my boyfriend would give exactly the same anwers of just shrug his shoulders.. pff men!

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