Online shopping is dangerous!!!  I find that I am more impulsive and the decision to buy is MUCH QUICKER…which is why I am showing you my newest online purchases from Lime Crime and Hair Romance – to hopefully entice you to do a spontaneous haul too so I feel even less guilty!  🙂

Lime Crime Alchemy Eyeshadow Palette, Lime Crime Poisonberry, Lime Crime Serpentina, Lime Crime

Lime Crime Alchemy Collection – Limited Edition $49.99

Alchemy is the brand spanking new collection from Lime Crime, a cruelty-free unicorn-lovin’ make-up brand which I adore because of their bright colours and gorgeous packaging.  This collection features the most vibrant lipsticks – Poisonberry (violet purple) and Serpentina (emerald green) – and I cannot wait to do some crazy lip art with it for my lip blog, Lip Stalker.  And yay to the Alchemy Eyeshadow Palette for more fantastically pigmented colours to add to my eyeshadow collection.

Lime Crime Alchemy Collection is currently at a reduced price of $49.99 till the end of October (2 weeks today!) so don’t miss out – buy it now here.  Mine is hopefully bundled on the plane and coming to me.

  braids, hair romance braids

Hair Romance 30 Braids in 30 Days E-Book $9.95

One of my blogging idols, Christina aka The Hair from Hair Romance, has released her 2nd e-book.  Personally, I love to support fellow beauty bloggers in whatever projects they have (speaking of which, I will be reviewing another infamous beauty blogger – FutureDerm’s retinol skincare product next week) and I pray and hope that one day I will get the same love back if I were to release my own e-book or beauty product 🙂

This e-book is all about braids from your normal braids to French to Dutch to fishtail!  The e-book is great because it is filled with photos and instructions on how to recreate the same braided look.  Admittedly, I haven’t attempted any braids yet but I just adored looking and admiring the braids – and also, I was checking out the lipsticks that Christina was wearing LOL.  Anyway, I figured that this book is a great investment because in the future, if I have a daughter, I can braid her hair for school.

Hair Romance 30 Braids in 30 Days E-Book is currently at a reduced price of $9.95 till the end of October (2 weeks today!) – use the code LOVEYOURHAIR at checkout – and then it’ll hop up to $14.95 which isn’t exactly bank-breaking, but still, get to it and buy your copy now!  And here’s the link to the 1st Hair Romance e-book of 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days.

{Images used with permission from Lime Crime & Hair Romance}

What do you think of my online purchases?  Yes, I will be dazzling from hair to face to lips 🙂  Now to go for clothes online shopping LOL!  And will you be tempted to buy anything from Lime Crime or any of the Hair Romance e-books?  Let me know in the comments because every lovely comment I get makes me smile all day long!

13 comments on “My Newest Online Purchases from Lime Crime & Hair Romance – and why you need to buy them too!”

  1. You are naughty Ling, I’m probably going to go on an online shopping spree inspired by you now – sigh.

  2. O-M-G! Checking out the limecrime range NOW! And yes love love love Christina’s new ebook. Tried 2 so far…going to try more as my hair gets grittier.

  3. I have been meaning to buy that book for days now! So after seeing it on yours AND Norlin’s blogs, I decided it was high time and JUST bought it! 😀 So excited, and I do love supporting beauty bloggers too! 🙂

    I love the look of that lime crime set, but sadly, just got my rather astronomical electricity bill…let me just say I don’t think I’ll be buying more makeup anytime soon. 🙁

  4. I got the Lime Crime Collection too! It is epic on all levels 🙂 Can’t wait to see your Lipstalker looks with the new lipsticks. And I can’t wait to play with the eye shadow palette too, such amazing colours!

    I couldn’t buy the Hair Romance e-book because I am totally hopeless at doing my own hair and reading instructions would be just as hard. Such a great resource though for those who have the talent (I’m so jelly!)

    • @E-von, Has yours arrived yet? I bet I won’t want to use it because it will be too pretty LOL.

      And seriously E-von, the hair e-book makes braiding simple!!!

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