Ladies, please give a warm welcome to Napoleon Perdis Finishing Powder Brush s25 and Complexion Perfection Brush 17s as they join my family of make-up brushes courtesy of the good people behind the brand.  Allow me to introduce them individually…

Napoleon Perdis Finishing Powder Brush s25

Recommended for application of powder, blush and bronzing products.  Ultra soft for a sheer application of face powder. It can be used to set foundation with powder, or lightly apply blush/bronzer on the cheek area.
Price : $45 AUD 

Perfect size for applying translucent face powder to set foundation.  Brush looks luxe with the name engrained in its handle and bristles are lovely and soft.  There is shedding though even after washing, but it hold its shape really well.

Napoleon Perdis Complexion Perfection Brush 17s

Recommended for the application of liquid and cream products. The smaller version of Complexion Perfection 23s Brush is suitable for smaller areas of the face and for concealing blemishes and highlighting cheekbones. Apply products in a stippling motion for greater control and a sheer, light coverage.
Price : $39 AUD

This is the first stippling brush I own and I adore it!!  Stippling helps create a light, flawless finish with liquid foundation around the smaller areas on the face like the nose, around the eyes…not to mention its fun to apply make-up in a stippling motion.  I was a tad surprised at how long the handle is for this brush.  However, like the powder brush, there was some shedding experienced too.

My Opinions

Let’s be honest here.  The prices of Napoleon Perdis make-up brushes are not cheap.  But apart from the slight shedding at the initial stages of using the brushes, I was very happy with these make-up brushes and I know they will last me a long time.

My Good Deed Of The Day

So, I was super blessed to win Joy’s giveaway where I won 2x$10 Napoleon Perdis vouchers to spend in their concept stores.  Armed with the vouchers, I headed off to my local Westfield and instead of spending all the money on myself, I decided to bless someone else and give them a $10 voucher.  The first time I went into the store, I was looking around to see what I could buy for myself, but left empty-handed…and I was too shy to do anything.  Half an hour later, I psyched myself up and told myself to “Get a grip!” and just hand it to a customer in their shop.  But I stood outside for 5 minutes and nobody walked in so I walked off.  I returned again after half an hour and here is what happened…

So I decided that if no customers were in the store, I’d hand the $10 voucher to the staff and give them one of my blog business cards and ask if they could bless the next paying customer and give them my card and tell them it was “sponsored by The Best Beauty Blog”.  Cheesy, huh?

I had the cards ready when a Mum and daughter headed into the shop and was about to pay for something…

“Excuse me!”  
Both Mum and daughter turned round…and looked at me…
“Um…I have a $10 voucher.  Would you like to have it?” 
“Yes, okay.” – took the voucher and turned back to pay at the register.

At this point, I was shocked!!!

I had rehearsed scenarios in my head and didn’t expect Scenario C!

Scenario A was when they would say, “Wow, thank you!  Are you sure?”  and I would say, “Yes, bless you!  And this is my beauty blog business card…”

Scenario B was when they would thank me and offer to pay me the $10 and I would tell them to donate it to a charity.

This Scenario C wasn’t very nice at all.  I thought she would have at least struck up a mini conversation with me and thank me…but she didn’t!

Ah well!!!  Anyway, what should I buy with my $10 Napoleon Perdis voucher?  Check out their website, if you want to have a look. Any recommendations?  Anything you want me to review?

11 comments on “Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Brushes And My Good Deed Of The Day”

  1. That was so kind of you! 😀 But we must remember that the essence is the giving, not the response ^^

  2. Congrats on winning the giveaway!

    Awww that’s so nice of you! That’s so weird how they just accepted the gift without saying anything! Common courtesy!

  3. I reckon she was taken aback by the gesture hence the lack of response. Still, a word of thanks would have been polite even if she wasn’t sure if you were legit. Good on you for being nice 🙂

    • @Tine, Yeah, maybe I did come across as a weirdo. I was super shocked when she just took it off me and turned. Super shocked! Haha. But nah, I’m seriously not that nice because I’m moaning about it now. It’s just a lesson I need to learn that good deeds are not always rewarded so suck it up, Ling!!! LOL 😉

  4. I thought it was super nice of you to give it away, and super rude of that person to just turn and walk away! Sure, you don’t expect anything back, but a word of thank you I think is just common courtesy. Ish! I’d be miffed!

    • @Lily, Thanks Lily. I actually don’t feel super nice because I ranted about it here >_< I would have been happy with a simple "Thanks!"…but I guess it's not as common as you'd think. Kinda shocked especially when it was an older lady with her daughter so it wasn't like a tween… Ah well! Thanks for saying I'm super nice 😀 haha

  5. wow, those brushes are expensive >.< It seems like really good quality though 🙂 I would still prefer buying sigma brushes instead or MAC brushes if I can get them online~

    Congrats on having won the giveaway too btw <3

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