benefit fake up, benefit fake up medium, benefit fake up concealer

Do you remember me telling you that I attended the Benefit Fake Up event a few weeks ago?  Well, I was blessed with one of these babies in the goody bag.  *squee* Like all Benefit cosmetics, Fake Up has adorable packaging and design which cannot be faulted except that this isn’t fingerprint-proof.  Anyway, it is different to all the other concealers I have in my stash…

First up, can you believe it’s the only concealer stick I own?!!  I am extremely wary of concealer sticks because back in my young days (many, MANY moons ago), the formulas of them were atrocious and they did the adjective “cakey” a lot of justice!  But Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer is nowhere near cakey – in fact, it’s the total opposite!!!

benefit fake up, benefit fake up medium, benefit fake up concealer

Benefit Fake Up consists of two cores – the inner core is a creamy concealer and the outer core is a moisturising smoothing balm – and together it acts as a “crease-control hydrating concealer” giving a smooth, non-cakey finish.

benefit fake up, benefit fake up medium, benefit fake up concealer

It is perfect for the undereye area because I find that it helps brighten up my dark circles and diffuses the fine lines.  It’s super easy to apply as it is in stick form so no concealer brush is needed.  Just swipe under the eye and use your ring finger to gently tap and blend it.

However, for concealing a beaming red zit, Benefit Fake Up isn’t my go-to-concealer for that because the coverage is too light and it is difficult to layer up because of its slippery moisturising nature.

benefit fake up swatches, benefit fake up medium, benefit concealer swatch

Benefit Fake Up comes in 3 shades – Light, Medium and Dark – and I have swatched the one in Medium here on my NC-30ish skin.  It is the perfect shade for me once it is blended.

benefit fake up swatches, benefit fake up medium, benefit concealer swatch

You can see the subtle difference in texture and brightness once Fake Up is blended.

In conclusion, Benefit Fake Up is perfect for my dark circles and the undereye region.  It is a new product on my Love List.

Benefit Fake Up will officially be in Australia’s shops mid-April 2013 for RRP $35 AUD.  I know it is another month away, but patience is a virtue!!! 😉

The Wee Print

Disclosure :  The Best Beauty Blog was a guest at the Benefit Fake Up launch event in Sydney and Benefit Fake Up was kindly gifted in a goody bag – THANKS again Benefit!  This has no effect on the product review as we believe in 100% honesty as always.  Please read our Disclosure Policy for further details.

10 comments on “NEW LOVE : Benefit Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer”

  1. Wow! The difference is amazing, thanks for showing before and after photos, it really shows how well it works! Do you find it lasts the day or does it settle into fine lines? Not that I am implying that you have fine lines of course, but hypothetically…?

    • @Kristine Simmonds, LOL, Kristine, I like what you did there 😛 But I seriously do have fine lines!!! To be honest with you, it doesn’t last all day on me…but that’s because I am one of those annoying people who love to touch my face and rub my eyes. I am always forever finding makeup stains on my fingernails…gross huh?!!!

  2. I am dying to try out this one by Benefit. I’ve only ever used their Boing concealer – not cakey either but loving the idea of the balm on the outer layer. Would love to see how this would work on my fine lined eyes. :/

  3. i have been googling for swatches of fakeup and honestly, the Medium colour looks like a light pinky beige shade in your swatch, and on Karen’s too, and on some other blog it looks like a muddy pinky brown colour, but on that particular blog the Light shade looks like your Medium shade. Hope you are not confused by this!

    i m looking for a new undereye concealer, cuz i am bored of my mac already. interested to see how this compares with boi-ing!

    • @plue, I google swatches ALL the time but it is rather difficult to get accurate swatches as we all are different skin colours plus different lighting…!!! Waaaahhhh!!! And ooh, I must start testing boi-ing and do a comparison report 🙂

  4. ohhh !!
    The lady at the benefit counter put this conealer on me a few months ago in the same shade .. I was worried throughout the day that it looked really light and cakey cause she put it on my face which already had make up, but omg, by the end the day when I looked in the mirror, my skin look amazing and my dark circles completely concealed.
    And one other thing i loved about it was that it didn’t dry up my skin, unlike other concealers 😀
    Shame I didn’t buy it then cause i wanted to see the effect throughout the day, but have been contemplating purchasing this for a while now haha 😀

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