mink 3d printer, mink makeup printer

Have you heard about the newest beauty gadget (which is yet to hit the market)?  It’s Mink – a 3D printer that prints your own make-up!!

Say what??!!

Here’s the deets…

So there I was yesterday, getting ready to unpack my luggage, when my sister sent me a link to this video.  Unpack my luggage or watch a Youtube video – obviously, I chose the latter!

I watched the video and I was like…


Or if videos are not your thing, I found the time to make a wee collage (any excuse not to unpack my luggage!!) to show you how Grace Choi, the Mink creator, printed the makeup with the Mink machine.

mink printer, mink makeup

Before you say that the neon pink selected is CLEARLY not the same pale pink that she swatched on her hand, in the video, she admits that she “hacked” the demo.

Assuming it is still an early prototype, I am rather impressed.  How cool would it be to create your own make-up line with the colours you want?!!!

I am very intrigued to see what the quality is like – but I think the thing is not about the quality of the make-up itself but the pigment…  So what I mean is – with a normal printer, if you use high quality paper vs recycled paper, the quality is obviously different but the ink is still the same.  Thus, with Mink (the makeup printer), the quality of the make-up depends on the materials you will buy for it.  (I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it makes sense in my head…kinda)

However, would the fact that I can print my own makeup stop me from going to shops and buying branded make-up?  Nope.  I’m a sucker for sexy packaging and all the “BS” about new formulas and all the hype.  I would definitely be interested in seeing the Mink in action in real life, but nothing is going to tear me away from retail therapy itself!

What do you think about Mink?  And more importantly, why can’t my luggage unpack itself???  Someone want to invent a magical suitcase that does that???!!  Please?


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