Welcome to The Best Beauty Blog’s first giveaway which is kindly sponsored by Nicole by OPI.

The Prize

Nicole by OPI, OPI nail polish, giveaway prize

Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus + Nicole by OPI I’ve Got The Power + Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus in a pretty Nicole by OPI PVC cylinder bag.

(For a better idea of the shade of Nicole by OPI I’ve Got The Power, please check out my NOTD here.)

Giveaway Details

  • The Nicole by OPI Giveaway is open internationally to male and female readers.
  • It will end on 14th March 2011 at 23:59 (Melbourne Australian time).
  • I will use a random generator to pick the winner and then announce it on this blog between 15th-17th March 2011.  The winner must respond within 48 hours to the blog post.  If they fail to respond, then another winner will be picked.

Nicole, OPI giveaway

How To Enter


To enter my Nicole by OPI Giveaway, please follow the rules :-

You must join my blog via Google Friend Connect which can be found on the right sidebar.  (note : you do not need a Google account to join)

And then, leave a comment with your e-mail and GFC name and tell me what you love most about yourself.

This is compulsory to enter the giveaway.

There are more chances to win by doing the additional entries below.

For (optional) additional entries (- must do the above first!)

(+1 entry) Like The Best Beauty Blog on Facebook – look at the right sidebar

(+1 entry) Subscribe to The Best Beauty Blog via e-mail or RSS and remember to activate your subscription – look at the right sidebar (I will be able to verify this with your e-mail)

(+2 entries) Follow me on Twitter AND tweet

I just entered @xyling’s beauty blog Nicole by OPI giveaway here

(+3 entries) Using a link, share this giveaway on your blog in a blog post (= 1 entry).  Optionally, include the Nicole by OPI Giveaway photo (= 2 entries).

Maximum number of entries is 8, which means you have 8 chances to win!  If you have additional entries, please inform me in the comments.

If you have any questions, please don’t be shy.  Feel free to contact me.

Good luck everyone!  And please don’t be sad, if you don’t win this time, there will definitely be more giveaways so please stay tuned.

79 comments on “Nicole By OPI Giveaway”

  1. Please count me in, I follow via GFC…Hmm I probably love my brain the most…thank god i was born smart! 🙂

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  3. MELODY :>

    I think I love my height the most :3 ! Because getting hugs from other people is just the best <3

  4. Follower name: tracy@mybestbeautybuys

    I think I love my sense of humor the most because you can’t take life too seriously 🙂

  5. Hi~
    I follow with Google Friend. I’m LilyBiscuit.
    I guess I like the fact that I’m smart….comes in handy 🙂

  6. I’m a confirmed email subscriber now.
    Thanks, I look forward to your emails!
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  7. Hi!! What a lovely giveaway!
    GFC: LemonyEmily
    i tweeted and follow you on twitter (Embob22)
    i added a section for you on my giveaway page at, including picture.
    i liked you on facebook – Emily Poole
    i have suubscribed to your blog via email
    my favourite thing about myself is… eyelashes! or my baking abilities!

    Thanks so much, Emily @emilysnailfiles.

    • @LemonyEmily, Hi Emily, thanks for entering and leaving a detailed comment. Your entries are all included. Wowee, your eyelashes must be gorgeous!!! And i’m sure your baking will please many people 🙂

  8. Ling,
    finally… I’ve managed to get here…

    GFC name: icyicyb

    things I love about myself: smart & softhearted crab -my astrology 🙂

  9. Already joined your site with GFC :). What I love most about myself? Hmm…I guess my smile :).

  10. Great giveaway, thanks for hosting it!

    GFC name Sara-May, email: MakeupbySaraMay at gmail dot com

    I love my long red hair 🙂

  11. have joint your blog via Google Friend Connect (Gintare)

    and what i love about myself – how smart sometimes i am, so i love my brains 🙂

  12. GFC’s nick : sha☆シャ

    what I love most about myself? – my tan skin~♥


  13. Hi! ^^

    Please enter me 🙂
    GFC name: Sedna
    E-mail address: sedna[at]citromail[dot]hu
    What I love about myself the most: Talent 😀 I can draw pretty well, and I’m quite good with musical instruments too ^^

    I subscribed via e-mail, liked your blog on facebook (Gaál Noémi), follow you on twitter (@__Sedna__), tweeted as well (!/__Sedna__/status/44027781616635904), and blogged about your giveaway including the photo: (And your giveaway is on the sidebar as well ^^)

    Thank you for the giveaway, and special thanks for making it international 🙂

  14. I’m following via GFC as Jasmine1485 🙂 The thing I love most about my self is sometimes an obstacle – my stubborness. Sometimes it causes problems but mostly it just means that when I set out to do something, I damn well finish it! 😉

    Kate1485 at

  15. Oooh enter me plaesa i love my eyes and ears equally i can see and hear all the beauty around me even if it means everthing terrible gets through aswell
    GFC melanie whittle

  16. Hi Ling! Nice to see you’ve been keeping yourself busy!

    Errrr… Not sure how this all works because it’s all new to me! But my GFC name is… Gi San? I think? Haha!

    The feature I like most about myself is probably…. my eyes! 🙂 xx

  17. GFC: joyjoyc
    femmelafashionista at hotmail dot com

    I love that I can grow my nails extra long! Pple always comment on how long my nails are. Perfect for OPI nail colour 🙂

  18. I love my personality! thanks to that i have a lot of good friends ! i love my smile too 😀
    I Liked The Best Beauty Blog on Facebook, subscribed and twitted this too I just entered @xyling’s beauty blog Nicole by OPI giveaway here


  19. GFC – Karina Tung
    I like my mouth the most because I can eat, smile, kiss and talk 🙂

  20. GFC: Jade Elyse
    Email: limneosj @ gmail . com

    What I like most about myself is that I dont judge anyone. No matter what race, colour, religion you are, Im always open to meeting new people. <3

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