Many moons ago, I went on a crazy spending spree and purchased this 112 eyeshadow palette from NYX Cosmetics – NYX Box Of Eye Shadows.  I had never used any NYX make-up products before but I had read rave reviews of their lipsticks and eyeshadows so I went ahead and bought this palette, three NYX lipsticks and a NYX lipgloss (which remains unopened).

NYX swatches, eyeshadows

What NYX Say

Lovers of eye candy will thrill to the glorious array of eye shadows in this kaleidoscopic kit. Numbering 112 shades, all of them highly pigmented, they range from rich darks to bold brights, from sultry mattes to luminous silvers.

My Opinions

NYX Box Of Eye Shadows is packaged beautifully in a sturdy box with two layers.  The top layer is accessed by lifting up the lid and it consists mostly of neutral colours and the bottom layer is accessed by sliding it out from underneath, like a drawer.  The bottom layer is full of bright colours.  Not all the eyeshadows have the same texture – some are smooth and buttery and have superb pigmentation, whereas some need extra help to make them work.  There is fall-out with some eyeshadows and this box is not ideal for travelling purposes.

One of the reasons why I decided to buy NYX Box Of Eye Shadows is because I wanted to dabble with neutral brown eyeshadows.  I have never worn neutral brown colours on my eyes (hence why the Naked Palette never tickled my fancy)!  And guess what?  I still haven’t!  I have no idea how to wear brown.  It just doesn’t look good on me!  I favour the bright coloured shades any day!!!

NYX, swatches

NYX Box Of Eye Shadows has a fantastic range of eyeshadows from neutral to bold and matte to shimmer.  It is great for experimenting with the variety of shades and creating fun make-up looks from an affordable drugstore brand.  A highly affordable alternative to Urban Decay and Inglot palettes.  I know I won’t be able to use all 112 shades but it’s good to know that I have them…if that makes any sense!  😛

I used this to create my Candy FOTD and I’ll show you another FOTD I created with this in the next few days so stay tuned!

Have you tried NYX eyeshadows before?  

23 comments on “NYX Box Of Eye Shadows – Swatches & Review”

  1. Awesum =D
    My mum recently bought me a NYX but she got me the NYX make-up artist kit. Its my first bunch of make up and it looks alot of fun to use =D xx

  2. Strange that you’re not fond of brown eyeshadows! LOL Maybe you haven’t found the correct one? There were many times I hated brown because most of the eyeshadows had a tinge of red in it and that made my eyes look infected. But I found a black based brown or silver brown looks best! :p

  3. Love this palette! It’s so affordable and has some amazing colours too! I can’t wait to see what looks you have 😀

  4. Awesome! I love NYX and have the 78-colour eyeshadow palette, I must say it has all the colours I’ve wanted, it kept me away from buying random eyeshadows for a while lol very pigmented, def a good buy 🙂

    • @Juliana, It is a money-saver isn’t it? I have forbidden myself to buy any more palettes although I really REALLY want the UD 15th Anniversary Palette AND Sleek palettes 😛

  5. Haha Ling we seem to be total opposites! I love brown eyeshadows but I’m slowly learning to accept greens and maybe one day bright colours? I don’t know! Tempt me! =p I haven’t tried NYX eyeshadows but the range you have looks amazing!

    • @Sukie, Haha, it sounds like it. I love bright colours…but I am trying to tone it down with neutrals…and it’s HARD!! LOL. BTW, I bought the NYX palette from Cherry Culture and at the moment, they have slashed the price to $30 – cheap cheap! 😀

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