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As part of their launch, the lovely people over at The Beauty Office gifted me a $50 voucher to spend on their new online shopping site.  Here’s an overview of the products I chose…

Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes, Real Techniques Starter Kit, Real Techniques eye brushes

Real Techniques Starter Set RRP $39.95

The Real Techniques Starter Set consists of 5 full-sized makeup brushes for the eyes (from top to bottom) :-

  • Base Shadow Brush
  • Deluxe Crease Brush
  • Accent Brush
  • Pixel-point Eyeliner Brush
  • Brow Brush

I can see why make-up lovers rave about this kit!  The brushes pick up eyeshadow beautifully and the bristles are soft on the delicate eye area to allow for easy blending.  My favourite of the brushes is the Accent Brush because it is small which makes it unbelievably versatile – I can apply shadow to the inner corners of my eye without making a big mess and I can use it to apply black eyeshadow on my waterline and I can use it to correct flaws like a wonkily drawn eye flick.

As I only had $10 left from my $50 gift voucher to spend, I was glad to find an assortment of Ecotools products under $5 to purchase…

Ecotools Loofah Body Buff, Ecotools Loofah Facial Sponges, Ecotools Nail Brush

Ecotools Nail Brush RRP $2.95

For some bizarre reason, when my nails are short, they attract a heckuva lotta dirt!!!  But when they are longer, they have their own self-cleansing system and I don’t have to worry about trapped dirt at all.  Is that the same with your nails?

Anyway, my nails have been snapping off a lot lately… Apparently it may be pregnancy-related…??  So my nails are not only short but they are diiiiirty and the Ecotools Nail Brush has been a lifesaver!  Meanwhile I was using old toothbrushes and I even used my Clarisonic Mia once to clean my dirty fingernails!!!

Ecotools Loofah 6 Facial Sponges RRP $1.95

These facial sponge discs are all kinds of awesome.  One side is exfoliating and the other side is spongey.  They swell up when wet.  I have been using them around once a fortnight to help me scrub away the blackheads on my nose.

Ecotools Sustainable Body Buff RRP $2.95

Hmmm…this is probably the least favourite item from my shopping haul.  It’s just not as good as a regular shower puff and it doesn’t “hang” well in my shower.  Maybe give this a miss and try their other shower items like the Body Bamboo Loofah…

  Real Techniques Starter Set & Ecotools Loofah Body Buff, Loofah Facial Sponges, Nail Brush

And that sums up my shopping haul from The Beauty Office!

Now there’s not a HUGE variety of products from The Beauty Office…but I am sure it will grow 🙂  They ship internationally and have free standard Australian shipping if you spend over $100…which let’s face it, is VERY easy to do!  Have a browse here and let me know if you buy anything.  Happy shopping 🙂

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    • @iisneeno, I still use the pore packs to remove the surface layer of dead skin. Pore packs aren’t that great at removing blackheads… I think it’s necessary to get in there and squeeze the stubborn ones out 😀 Super fun to do!

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