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It appears to be Fashion Week on The Best Beauty Blog seeing as I blogged about going to a fashion show and the “fashion foward” GASP story with their “cutting edge” dresses!!  LOL.  Ah well, it’s time to tell you all about the weakness I have for red dresses…

I’ve bought red dresses from Norway, Italy, Singapore and gifted a couple from China and Indonesia.  Some of them I have worn to death and some of them remain unworn.  I bought this red dress in Singapore and it has never been worn anywhere – so what does one do on one fine day when one is avoiding the pile of housework?  One starts referring to herself in third person and plays dress up and make-up!!!!

outfit of the day blog, fashion blog

What attracted me to this red dress was the neckline.  To me, it’s quite sexy because it’s not a dress which requires cleavage, but needs toned arms and shoulders to make it work.  However, the dress is very unforgiving on a bloated belly day – which is basically every single day of my life!!!  Smoky (or smokey?) eyes with hot red lippy completed my look.  I loved prancing around the house in my sexy, chic red dress.

So, what do you think – do I have a “sixth sense of fashion”?!!!  LOL…

Apologies to those who signed up to read about skincare and make-up and also, want to know what happened last weekend at the infamous ABBW last weekend – I have got plenty of juicy posts lined up for next week!  Just you wait and see!  Happy Saturday everyone!!!

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  1. You know, one day you’re just going to have to teach me how to do smokey eyes. I can never get it right. Well, I got it right ONCE then couldn’t do it again – go figure. Love that dress btw!!

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