Blue Bioderma AKA Hydrabio Range

bioderma hydrabio

Bioderma Hydrabio or what I like to call it – the light blue Bioderma range.

The skincare stars aligned and I found myself attending an awesome blogger skincare event { informative yet highly entertaining } which introduced me to this fabulous skincare range highly suitable to my current skin condition, i.e. sensitive, irritated and dehydrated.


What His Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Really Means…

what your valentines beauty gift really means

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps!

For married old farts like me, we don’t expect a V-Day gift because you know, “it’s too commercialised”.

But for all those in the early honeymoon stages of a relationship… You’ve just opened your V-Day gift from your special someone, and ta-da, it’s a beauty product.

Whether you love it or hate it, you want to know what it really means…

Well, wonder no more because I’ve done all the analysing for you.


Keep Calm & Relax with L’Occitane

L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Massage Body Oil, Perfumed Sachets, Pillow Mist

It has been quiet on the blog this week because :-

a)  I am extremely tired
b)  I have been super busy
c)  I am enjoying as much freedom* as I can before my in-laws arrive tomorrow to stay with us for God knows how long (kill me now!!)
d)  All of the above

And the answer is…


I’m A Tube…oh no, wait…

Aussie beauty Youtuber

Hi lovelies,

Apart from blogging, I actually really enjoy creating and editing videos!!!  On YouTube, I have a new lifestyle channel, a lippy channel and a beauty channel.

I’m hoping to make more fun-to-watch beauty videos this year.  It actually forces me to try and look presentable { instead of my frumpy mummy state that I’m currently stuck in!!! }.

So, if you have any requests, please leave your suggestions.  Please note, I can’t do makeup tutorials for jack but if you fancy a wee giggle with a Scottish accent, I’m your gal!

Have an awesome weekend

Ling x

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