So I made it back to UK in one piece after the epic 30+ hour journey.  I am severely jet-lagged – bleh!  Today, I hit the shops.  Shopping in Australia is unbelievably expensive so I am going to take advantage of shopping in UK and buy, buy, buy!

Primark is my favourite shop in UK.  It is an Irish clothing retailer known for selling clothes at the budget end of the market.  The American equivalent is J.C. Penney.

I did not go shopaholic crazy in Primark today because there were just too many people in there and I dislike shopping when there are hordes of people.  I wanted to try out the new cosmetics range in Primark and picked up a couple of things there.

My Primark shopping haul consisted of :-

  • Long sleeved tops (x4) and a T-shirt (for the Hubby) = £17.00
  • Vests (x2) – pink and navy = £3.50
  • Black velour tracksuit bottoms = £5.00
  • Tights (x3) – 40 Denier = £2.50
  • Lilac nail polish = £1.00
  • Eyeliner set – black and dark green with a sharpener = £1.00
  • Primark Shopping Haul TOTAL = £30.00

Primark, shopping, bargain, men's tops

Primark, shopping haul, bargain, nail polish, tights, vest tops

I will be back for more Primark shopping! The best thing is that I can wear Primark goodies in Australia and no-one else will have the same! I shall try out the eyeliner and nail polish later and see if they are any good. If they are, I will stock up. Anyone in Australia want anything from Primark?? Let me know…and I shall see what I can do.

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