project 100 pan empties

True story…

Him :  Look!  I just cleaned out the bathroom.
Me :  ARGHHHH!!!!!  Did you throw out the empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel???!!
Him :  YES!  They’re empty!!!
Me :  ARGHHHHH!!!  NOOOOO!!!  I need them for my Project 100 Pan!
Him :  A what??
Me :  UGHHHHH!!!!  Just leave my stuff alone!!!!!!
Him :  But it was getting mouldy!!!
Me :  Don’t throw out any of my stuff again!  *gives Hubby the stink eye for ruining my Project 100 Pan and stomps off*
Him :  *shakes his head in disbelief at his looney beauty blogger wife*

Anyway, as you may have all gathered, I did a Project 100 Pan last year and I may have cheated and bought products before I finished my project, but I also did well over my 100 empties.

I didn’t manage to keep all my empty and used bottles/jars/tubes – thanks to my housecleaning clutter-phobic other half – but I saved most of them to document my journey.  So here’s the first instalment showcasing Empties 1-5…

project 100 pan empties

Paul Mitchell The Detangler Conditioner

FYI, I used this conditioner with the accompanying shampoo but that was chucked in the bin and I wasn’t going to fish it out for photography purposes!

Anyway, I love Paul Mitchell products because a) he’s Scottish like me! and b) it reminds me of my late teenage years when I would save money to splurge on them as a treat for my hair.

The Detangler range didn’t irritate my scalp – that’s why I used it all up – but it failed to deliver in detangling my tresses!  I actually felt it was a bit more knotted when I used this.  Bizarre huh?

Would I repurchase?  No, but I would fork out for another range.

Lancome DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector

A lovely hydrating serum with the most gorgeous pink packaging.  I actually contemplated in keeping this empty bottle forever because HOARDER!

You can read my more detailed review here.

Would I repurchase?  Most definitely maybe!

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift x3 Moisturiser

A fantastic moisturiser from an affordable drugstore range which smelled good and made my dry/sensitive skin feel lovely and smooth.

Would I repurchase?  Yes!

Uriage Aquaprecis Moisturising Refreshing Cream Gel

Although I liked the smell of this cream gel and the fact that it absorbed beautifully, it wasn’t moisturising enough for my dry skin even when I added a hydrating serum prior to application.  Probably better suited for oily combination skin.

Would I repurchase?  Sorry, but no.

Dr Lewinn’s Reversaderm Glycolic Clarifying Cleanser

Oooh, I love this cleanser and was so sad when I used it up.  It gives a slightly stinging sensation but it was still gentle enough to exfoliate my skin without causing it to throw a flaky.

More detailed review here.

Would I repurchase?  OH YES!

Disclosure :  All products mentioned in this empties post was provided for consideration but all opinions remain my own 🙂

4 Comments on Project 100 Pan // Empties 1-5

  1. Kiss & Make-up
    13/03/2015 at 9:51 pm (3 years ago)

    You’re doing great! I’m actually pretty good with finishing skin care. Make-up though…

    • Ling
      18/03/2015 at 4:28 pm (3 years ago)

      Yep, me too! Finishing make-up is really difficult when you have loads like me hehe

  2. Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life
    18/03/2015 at 9:56 pm (3 years ago)

    I’m impressed with how many empties you had and even more impressed that you managed to keep the majority of them! I so need to start using up the products I already have but then I read about new products I’d love to try like the Dr LeWinns Reversaderm Glycolic Claryifying Cleanser. Sound like a product I’d love!

    • Ling
      20/03/2015 at 9:35 am (3 years ago)

      Haha, thanks Ingrid! I’m sure gals like us use up a lot of products on a monthly basis without realising!