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I was literally on Cloud Nine, when this sexy, sleek, black curling iron –> The Micro Wand <– was sent to me whilst I was heavily pregnant (around 37 weeks) in November.  Now if I hadn’t been doing my Kegel exercises, I may have had a “wee” accident (pun very much intended!).

Anyway, the Cloud Nine Micro Wand and I have been friends for over 6 months now so it’s about time that I show you what I love about it (yes, it is LOVE) and what magic it can do to transform hair from drab to fab.  Trust me!

cloud nine australia, cloud nine curling tong, cloud nine curling wand, cloud nine microwand

As I am writing this, Baby Bunty is having a nap and one sleep cycle only lasts around 45 minutes, so I am not going to beat around the bush and I will deliver it to you straight about the features that I love most about Cloud Nine Micro Wand :-

1.  Protective Heat Guard – hard plastic casing – All curling tong lovers hold hands and say “Hallelujah!”  No more accidental burns if you are mid-way curling your hair and you fancy a quick selfie on your phone!  Just insert (that’s what she said!!!) into the protective sheath.

2.  Heat Protective Glove – yep, we’re all about protection around here *winks*

3.  Fuss Free Buttons – on/off, high/low – When I get faced with too many temperature options, I get confuzzled (yes, it is a word in Ling’s dictionary!).  It’s like Instagram filters, which one to choose…??  Well, don’t worry, it’s simple and fuss free and more importantly, a time-saver!

4.  Hibernation Mode – if not used, it automatically switches itself off after 30 minutes – No more worrying about setting your house on fire!!

5.  Delivers great looking curls EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. – now THIS is definitely the clincher!  To be honest, I don’t care if a curling iron is coated with ceramic or titanium or gold!  All that matters is that it gives me good head hair.  Frizz-free, shiny, long-lasting curls.  And looks great in photos too!

Asian curly hair

Ignore my post-preggie belly lumps and bumps in the photo (taken shortly after giving birth) and just look at the hair!  Yes, the fact that I managed to curl my long hair with a newborn bubs is testament that I love Cloud Nine Micro Wand!

asian selfie

I got my haircut recently and still brought out Cloud Nine Micro Wand to give it some oomph and I hope you agree that the curls also look great on shorter shoulder length hair too.

Now that I have convinced you all that the Cloud Nine Micro Wand is a must-have, I should mention that it is on the pricey side.  No, you don’t need to rob a bank!  Just get cash out –> $269 AUD.  Either treat yourself with a little splurge or add it onto your wishlist and give your partner / family / friends a BIG HINT!

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