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Just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in my quest to being a Clinique It Girl 2013.  Thank you so much for your votes and for sharing!  There are still another 3 weeks of voting to go so will keep you posted.  This is also a game-changer but YOU CAN VOTE FOR ME MORE THAN ONCE AND AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE!!!!  (Which also increases your chance of winning a $500 Clinique Prize Pack!)  If you haven’t voted yet, here are the details {link}.  Anyway, back to today’s review of an eyelid sticker for hooded eyelids – Eye Define.

My right hooded eyelid leapt for joy after my first try at applying Eye Define.  It went from being hooded to being a double eyelid, like it used to be in my younger youthful days before gravity took over.

About Eye Define

Eye Define is basically an eyelid sticker for hooded eyelids.  It come as a pack of clear strips with a little pot of clear gel which is applied to the strip before placement on eyelid.

The packaging looks like it is targeted towards a mature lady considering an eyelift, but let me tell ya, there are many Asian chicks like me with the dreaded hooded eyelid(s)!  I wouldn’t mind if both eyelids were hooded to balance things out, but I have wonky eyes as my left lid is fine – so one eye looks awake and other looks sleepy!

4 Things You Need To Know About Eye Define

1.  Placement of the strip is tricky and you may need to trim it to suit your eyelid.

2.  It is surprisingly invisible.  I asked my Husband to look at my eyes and see what was different about them.  He could not tell.  But then again, he is the typical male who wouldn’t notice if I grew a third nipple…oh wait, that’s probably the only thing he would notice!

3.  It stays in place and I can *blink blink* without worrying.

4.  It is better to apply eye make-up on afterwards because the eyelid crease line is different.  But it will still stick on top of make-up too.

before & after eyelid stickers, before & after pictures of eye define

(Gawd!  Remind me to apply foundation next time to conceal my pores and pigmentation spots before taking such close-up shots of my face!!!)

The Best Thing About Eye Define

I have had NO success whatsoever with Asian double eyelid tape { check it out } and they usually have this fork you attack your eyelid with, but Eye Define was pain-free and relatively simple to use after figuring out where to place the sticker.

Beauty Brief

Eye Define is worth trying only if you have hooded eyelid(s) and you want to un-hood them (duh!) and if you have had no success with any other eyelid tape in the past.  It is just a temporary fix though and it hasn’t stopped me from still wanting to get eyelid surgery to even out my eyelids.  Of course if I do get eyelid surgery, you will read all about it on this blog!

RRP : AU $29.95 for 64 strips at

The Wee* Print

Random : *Wee is another word for ‘small’.  Scottish people (that’s me) love to use that word!  Wee also means ‘pee’ and I think that is a Scottish thing too (I mean the definition of ‘wee’ not the act of peeing – I am pretty sure that is universal!).  You learn something new every day 🙂  #learnScottish

Disclosure :  This eyelid saviour was provided for editorial consideration, which means I was not obligated to review Eye Define as per review policy but I did and all opinions written here are my own, shamone!  This may have worked for my eyelid, but it may not work for yours.

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8 Comments on Review of Eye Define – Eyelid Stickers for Hooded Eyelids

  1. cynthia
    26/02/2013 at 1:51 pm (5 years ago)

    I never tried these eyelid stickers before, but I’m not sure if it works for me. My eyelids is deeply hooded, however, it sounds very interesting of enhancing your eyelid a whole new level. Thanks for the review!

    • Ling
      02/03/2013 at 8:19 pm (5 years ago)

      @cynthia, You won’t need it if both your eyelids are the same. Unfortunately, mine are wonky so I need help 🙁

  2. Joline Melina
    26/02/2013 at 3:52 pm (5 years ago)

    I actually flinched a bit when I saw the price tag! I actually use eyelid stickers from time to time to even out my eyelids. I buy mine from ebay. I get a pack of 240 for like $1.50! These are such a lifesaver and especially for someone like me who has monolids 🙁

  3. Ling
    27/02/2013 at 2:36 pm (5 years ago)

    I have a friend who did this surgery.
    I will give you more deets in person.

    • Ling
      02/03/2013 at 8:17 pm (5 years ago)

      @Ling, I’m all ears 🙂

  4. jennifer huang
    04/03/2013 at 2:05 am (5 years ago)

    this reminds me of a new concept of eyelid stickers/tape that’s come out in Asia (that has yet to be available online…. from my horrid searching skills). It’s very similar to this but much cheaper i think! 😀 Also, im one of those Asian’s with hooded lids T___T my eyes are still uneven -.-

    • Ling
      04/03/2013 at 10:24 pm (5 years ago)

      @jennifer huang, Uneven eyelids are the worst!!! It sucks to be us 😉