Maybelline BB Watergel, Maybelline Pure BB Cream, Maybelline BB Cream

Another day, another BB cream.  Yes, I know there’s a new alphabet cream in town going by CC, but blame it on these words – “Japan Exclusive”.  Yes, as soon as I read that, I whipped out my Hong Kong dorrahs ($99 to be precise) for the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB Watergel.  You see, I am under the impression that everything from Japan is AMAZING – e.g. ramen noodles, sushi, sashimi – oh wait, that’s just food.  Okay, um, my fave beauty gadget Hitachi Hada Crie and I also like Liese Bubble Hair Color Dyes.  So I assumed that I would love this BB Watergel… (but be warned, you should never assume because you make an ASS of out of U and ME)

bb cream swatches, maybelline bb cream swatches

There was only one shade available at the beauty stand and that was in shade #01.  As you can see from the swatch, it looks pretty good on yellow-based Asians like me.  The texture is not as thick as typical Asian BB Creams but definitely not as runny as the Western BB Creams and it has a quick wet-to-dry time.

It is an “8-in-1 Skin Transformer” with SPF 35 but that’s all I could read and understand from the packaging.  Unless my eyes can start translating Japanese characters overnight, I can give you no more factual information about the Maybelline BB Watergel.

Everything appeared to be going pretty well for this BB, but…

Sadly, Maybelline BB Watergel underwhelmed me.

I nearly rubbed my face raw trying to blend this on my dry skin.  And once blended, it didn’t look good and highlighted all my flaws – especially the flaky bits around my forehead, nose and chin – pretty much my entire face!  I persisted and tried numerous things like using my fingers, beauty sponge and even used it on top of layers of face primer – this worked better but still didn’t do my skin any favours 🙁

Maybelline BB Watergel, Maybelline Pure BB Cream, Maybelline BB Cream

However, do not let my review put you off this Maybelline BB Watergel because the lovely Plue from PinkyPlue who has oily skin likes it.  She said and I quote “It looks okay on me though coverage is really sheer and I have oily skin.  But it does cover a wee bit of redness and some really light marks.”

Maybe I wasn’t born for this Maybelline BB Watergel?  Maybe it’s Maybelline?  LOL, see what I did there.  Okay, it wasn’t that funny.  I’ll go back to my hiding place now 😛

As luck would have it, I have arranged a BB Cream swap with LeGeeque from Geek Chic so I get an Etude House BB Cream and she gets this.  Will report back with results 🙂

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  1. thanks for the link love!

    i only tested this when i was in Taiwan, so I not sure if I am going to like it still since now am back in hot hot hot Malaysia. I haven’t worn this since coming back, but next week I will! Until my cold gets better. But the texture is light and not oily, so that’s a plus in my books!

    • @plue, No problemo…sorry, should have asked for a “proper quote” 😛

      And because it is not oily, it didn’t suit my desert dry skin 🙁 Never mind, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Etude House BB Cream 🙂

  2. Oh what a shame, Ling! If you haven’t tried them already THEFACESHOP BBs can be really good; I like the Power Perfection in their range ( though it does break me out if used >2-3 days in a row)! 🙂

    • @Sarah, It is a sad wee shame! I had high hopes as I love everything Japan recommend. And ooh, must check out The Face Shop – they do the best mini lip glosses.

  3. What a shame about this watergel BB cream! I had wanted to hear good things about it- as it does look like quite a decent product! But I have dry skin too and I don’t think it’ll work at all for me, like it didn’t work for you 🙁 How annoying it would have been to have rubbed it into your skin so much in order for it to blend! Oh well, hope the BB cream swap turns out better!

    • @Karen, *high five* to my fellow dry-skinned lady 😉 And do you have any BB creams you can recommend to me? I just love trying new products all the time!!!

  4. Aha! So I think this might suit me then, considering I have combination to oily skin? So many BB creams out there that it’s driving me nuts! Plus the shades! Why can’t they make one shade that fits all huh?

  5. Was interested in trying this out when I go to HK this summer.. but I have extremely dry skin so maybe I won’t try it anymore lol

    Did you try patting in the BB cream to your skin though? Apparently BB creams are supposed to be patted into your face with your hands and not rubbed in like you would do for other products. Maybe that will help??

    • @AiAiZXY, Thanks for the suggestion – I patted it…I rubbed it…I used a blending sponge…but it just didn’t like me 🙁 However, when you go to HK, have a try and let me know if you like it 🙂

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