Paula's Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo

I have a friend who has Sharpie brows.  You know them crazy eyebrows that are drawn on really thickly with what seems like a permanent marker.  Yeah, them Sharpie brows.

We are not close at all so it’s not as if I can say something.  In fact, we live in different countries so thank goodness I never have to bump into her otherwise I would totally stare at those Sharpie brows.

Like, how can she not see that her brows are totally OTT???!!!

Anyway, what she needs to do is ditch that Sharpie and get onto Paula’s Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo because it is brow-lliant!  See what I did there?

Paula's Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo

Paula’s Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo is a nifty little brow kit which comes with a surprisingly good mini dual-ended brow brush.

The brow creams are a light blonde/brown and a darker brown – which you can mix together if you require an in-between shade.

For my Chinese brows, I only use the darker brown.

And you don’t need to use a lot of product because the pigmentation is bold and strong.  Once the cream dries, it stays put.

Once upon a time, if I had time to apply only ONE makeup product, I would grab my lippie.  But nowadays, I’ve been defining my brows instead!!!

I’m about to show you Before & After pics so prepare your eyes because I look pretty damn awful without makeup!

You have been warned!!!

before and after - makeup

I wear glasses pretty much all the time because I am blind as a bat!!  Anyway, in the photo above with makeup, I do not have any eye makeup on at all – only brows, BB cream, blush and lippie – but I look more awake because I have better brows and it detracts from my undereye circles.

I’ve discovered that the easiest way for me to get my brows right is to use the cream and slanted brush end to draw a clean line on the underarch area and then use the brow brush to brush up the product and shade the rest of the brow.  Then stand back and have a look in the mirror and tidy up any mistakes.

Paula’s Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo – love it because it gives strong brows without that Sharpie look.

Thanks to Paula’s Choice for sending this for review.  I genuinely like it and would be happy to purchase this again.

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  1. Your ‘before’ eye brows look so much like mine! I’m so nervous about brow products, though. Does it stay put even on idiot people who accidentally rub their face all the time? Is it waterproof? x

    • I’m constantly touching my face in one way or another (haha!) but I find that brows still stay strong. I’m not sure if it’s waterproof though… I might go for a walk in the rain and test it out… or not…haha! Sorry for being super unhelpful 😛

  2. You look fine without makeup! I love the subtle eyebrow though. Looks natural ‘I-just-woke-up-with-brows-like-this’ LOL DF xoxo

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