Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress

Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress was kindly sent to me during the middle of my second trimester after the lovely people at Pevonia read that I had been through a rather stressful first trimester (with all-day morning sickness and my high risk genetic CVS screening).

Prior to trying this product, I hadn’t heard of the brand Pevonia before…but after doing some internet stalking on their website, I discovered that they are “an elite, organic skin care line offered by the most prestigious spas worldwide”.  With that in mind, I happily put Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress to the test to see if it helped me de-stress during my pregnancy…

Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress

First of all, Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress passed the smell test.  Pregnancy has given me altered and heightened nasal senses.  For example, I cannot wear one of my signature perfumes, Paul Smith Rose because for now, it stinks so bad and intoxicates me.  Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress has a pleasant subtle orange and essential oil smell – due to its ingredients of geranium, safflower and orange oils.

My stress levels in the latter half of the second trimester was dramatically decreased – mainly due to the fact that I stopped vomiting on a daily basis and I could start eating…and boy, did I do a LOT of eating as I went from 53kg to 65kg (my usual weight is 54-56kg but I lost weight from all the vomiting).  My petite frame can barely handle all the extra weight gain so I have been suffering physical aches and pains, i.e. tummy and back pain, arm and leg cramps.

Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress

When I suffer from the occasional aches and pains, my Husband has been fantastic at giving me mini massages using Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress.  Because it isn’t a runny oil, but in emulsion cream form, he likes it a lot as it doesn’t run all over the bed and it doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.

As for me, whenever I get a massage, I am instantly relaxed and all the stresses of my day is melted away.  Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress has definitely helped because it feels good on my skin – not slippery – and also, it is ultra moisturising for my dry skin.

Important points to note :

  • I do NOT use Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress on my baby bump as it contains essential oils which can absorb into my body and cross the placenta.  (For my baby bump, I have been using Uriage Xemose – review coming soon :))
  • Due to varying results and limited studies of essential oils on pregnancy, my Husband and I are extra cautious and only use small amounts on an occasional basis.

I still have the third trimester to go and I am anticipating more baby bump growth spurts, i.e. more aches and pains, plus giving birth plus taking care of a screaming newborn – which all equates to stress!!!  So I will definitely be needing Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress to help release all the tension and de-stress me 🙂

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  1. huzzah you’re in the last stretch (pun intended) of pregnancy!! almost there! lol oh man, you don’t make it sound terribly fun but i’m so glad your husband is making your feel better with massages. now if only the bf were any good at massages, i might pick this up…but he’s /awful/ ahahahaha

  2. This lotion has a wonderful scent – not too floral or obnoxious. It also does a great job moisturizing. This is the second time I’ve purchased it!

  3. At a spa recently, I simply had to find out what kind of lotion my masseuse was using. The Pevonia lotion makes for a wonderful massage, silky without being oily, hydrating and light. The delicate citrus aroma is perfection too, so relaxing. This is good stuff.

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