Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

Wow!  Hello pretties!!!

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection has finally landed in Australia.  You can buy them online now at Priceline stores.


Luckily for me, I got my hands on this gorgeous collection of brushes at the amazing event launch to review it for you 🙂

Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

There are currently 7 brushes in the Bold Metals Collection which are split into 3 categories :-

1.  SILVER { eyes } : 200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease, 202 Angled Liner
2.  GOLD { base } : 100 Arched Powder, 101 Triangle Foundation
3.  ROSE GOLD { finish } : 300 Tapered Blush, 301 Flat Contour

{ Sidenote :  My OCD-ness is killing me as I only just realised whilst typing this up, that I have put the brushes in the wrong numerical order in the photo!!!  ARGHH!!! }

packaging of Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

I admired them for a couple of days in their pristine condition inside their plastic boxes before opening them up.  Let me tell you something…  The packaging is a pain!!!  There’s lots of tape strapping the brushes down into more plastic inside the plastic box.  I think I needed to lie down when I finally managed to retrieve the 7 brushes from their plastic armour.

That aside, let’s talk about the brushes themselves…

Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

All the brushes are beautifully crafted.  They feel solid and have that luxe feel about them.  The bristles are made from highest grade synthetic brush fibres and they feel REALLY soft to touch.  Plus even after playing with them at the launch event and at home, I have not noticed any shedding at all…but I haven’t washed them yet because LAZY!   I have washed them a zillion times since I wrote this post and seriously, minimal shedding and my brushes still look BRAND NEW!!!

me using Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

As part of my long-winded and detailed review, I want to briefly mention my experience with each of the brushes now.

I’ll start with the SILVER eye brushes (seeing as I already listed them in the wrong order anyway)…

Real Techniques Bold Metals Silver Eye Makeup Brush Collection

200 Oval Eye Shadow  :  Good all-over lid eyeshadow brush but not a must-have.  I found the shape slightly too big for my Asian eyelids.

201 Pointed Crease  :  Densely packed tapered brush great for the outer V and also, for smudging.

202 Angled Liner  :  I’ve been using this to do my brows and I like it because it has a small head for precision.  I haven’t used it as an eyeliner brush, simply because I haven’t used gel liner for a while…  I’ve been using some amazing eyeliner pens which I must share with you all soon!

Moving onto the GOLD base brushes…

Real Techniques Bold Metals Gold Base Brush Collection

100 Arched Powder :  I love this brush because it’s soooo soft but has the perfect amount of denseness for applying powder.

101 Triangle Foundation :  This is a controversial brush because of its non-conventional foundation brush shape and also, beauty blogger guru Temptalia HATED it because she found the bristles “too scratchy”.  Personally, I kinda like this brush.  I used the large flat end to paint on the foundation on my cheeks, forehead and chin and the tapered end around my nose and the finish was non-streaky.  As for using the brush tip to buff in my foundation, I did find that the bristles were not as soft but I didn’t find them scratchy at all.  I have used WAYYYY scratchier foundation brushes but also, better foundation brushes too (see here)!!!

Last, but not least, the ROSE GOLD finishing brushes… { love the touch of pink in the bristles }

Real Techniques Bold Metals Rose Gold Finish Brush Collection

300 Tapered Blush :  I love this brush because it looks gorgeous, feels gorgeous and applies gorgeous.  Not only is it great for blush but it’s great for strobing (applying highlighter) too.

301 Flat Contour :  I also love this densely packed brush.  It’s my favourite brush out of them all because it is a multi-tasker.  I’ve used it to apply cream blush, to contour with contour powder and also, to buff in foundation.

The entire Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection will cost you $365 AUD.  Ouch!  A bigger OUCH! when the set is only $148 USD in the US.  But then, that doesn’t factor in shipping costs, taxes, etc.  $172.50 AUD – 2018 prices!  WOOHOO!!!  Thanks Real Techniques for making it more affordable for us mere plebs!

As mentioned already, you can shop these brushes now at Priceline.

What makeup brushes do you use?  Do you already own other Real Techniques brushes?  Are you a rose gold fan too?

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17 comments on “Review : Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes”

  1. Wow I was keen til I saw the total price of the collection in Australia vs the States. It’s more than double. Ouch. They do look gooooorgeous though.

      • Be careful – these are most likely fakes. There’s a TON of these going around… I got duped myself but luckily eBay refunded my money. The main way you can tell they’re fake is that they aren’t heavy like the real brushes.

  2. Wow so pricey!!! I was excited till I saw the cost… Would you pay that much?

    • Yeah, if you’re counting the pennies, then go for the cheaper Real Techniques alternatives. Or add them onto your Christmas wishlist 🙂

  3. They’re seriously just the prettiest brushes I own, I’m also a huge fan of the Arched Powder and the Flat Contour!

  4. The arch powder brush is my favorite. I mean, I don’t even need to apply product to it…. I just sit there and sweep the soft bristles across my face LOL DF xo

  5. I own some of the new Real Techniques brushes, and they are stunning and beautiful to look at. Specifically the #301 Flat Contour Brush, which I own, I found to be somewhat awkward to use due to the heaviness of the handle. Are you new to the world of foundation or have you never felt like you’ve found an ideal shade match?

    • I love the 301 Flat Contour brush. I don’t find it heavy at all. And no, I have used foundation since foreverrrr…but ideal shade matches are hard to come by being an Asian yellow skinned gal living in the Western world 😛

  6. Nice review 🙂 Thanks for going into so much detail! I’m waiting for mine to arrive in the mail, I live in Australia also. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but I really advise against buying the brushes from Priceline. Even at sale price, they’re incredibly expensive (the contour brush is $64 full price and $53 on sale at cheapest). I probably sound like a saleswoman here, but I just purchased two brushes from I purchased the 301 contour brush and the 100 arched powder. Full price they came to $79 (which is still great) but there is a discount if you sign up which takes 15% off. I paid $67 in total which is basically two brushes for the price of one here. Free shipping. Works out to be roughly $33.50 each. Also, is selling the bold metals gift set (oval shadow brush, tapered blush brush, angled powder brush) for $70 full price, $63 for your first purchase as there’s a discount for your first purchase. That works out to be $21. I hate the fact that everything is SO expensive here in Aus, so shop around y’all! I hope this comment helps.

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