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A couple of week ago, Ali at Ripple Massage contacted me to ask if I would like to try one of their 1.5 hour packages.  Like duh, OBVIOUSLY I SAID YES.

Now before you click away thinking that Ripple Massage is a local salon down the road from me, it is NOT.  It’s actually a mobile massage and beauty business that operates right across Australia where the therapist comes to YOUR HOME so you don’t even have to leave your house.

Booking a session was super easy via email and the replies were polite and prompt with a confirmation text sent to my phone the day before my appointment.

I had a 1.5 hour Frangipani Spa Package with Natalie and this is what happened :-

10.45am – Oh crap!  The therapist will be coming at 11am and my living room looks like a bomb site.  Like a ninja, I chucked all of Bunty’s toys into a box and cleared some space on the living room floor.

{ Side note : Speaking of Bunty, read all about my birth story today on my new blog! #shamelessplugalert }

10.55am – Oh wait…don’t have a bra on.  Better put one on ASAP.

10.57am – *knock on front door*  She’s here!!  Natalie rocked up with two big bags – one carrying a portable massage table and the other carrying supplies like towels and massage oil.  I was bummed when I didn’t have the balls (#iamnonconfrontational) mention that I would prefer it if she took off her shoes instead of trample over the carpet with her shoes.  “Shoes off at the front door” is an Asian thing…  But anyway, I will make a mental note to make a large cardboard sign next time I get an at-home massage.

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11am –  As she set up the massage table, my feet were enjoying a peppermint soak whilst I filled out a form where I put in my deets and the body parts I wanted massaged.  No thanks to breasts and buttocks – that’s reserved for the Hubs.

11.05-12.30pm – After stripping to my bare essentials, I hopped onto the massage table where I enjoyed a most fabulous massage.  It was nice and VERY firm, just the way I like it.  I call it “pleasurable pain” because you need a lot of strength to iron out the deep knots in my back and neck.

As part of the package, there was a half hour reflexology session performed on my toes.  I was slightly a bit disappointed because the pleasurable pain had stopped and this reflexology was painless and I didn’t feel anything.  But it must have been relaxing because I actually fell asleep and started snoring!!!  I know this because one of my snores woke me up!!!  LOL

Overall, I was delighted with the service provided by Ripple Massage.  In fact, I am definitely going to request vouchers for my next birthday because it’s so much more convenient to get massaged at my house rather than having to travel back and forth to a salon.  And if I fancy going for a nap after the massage, I can just jump straight into bed!  And yes, that is exactly what I did that afternoon.  If you’re keen to check it out, go to and tell them Ling from The Best Beauty Blog sent ya 🙂

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