SABA handbag, SABA leather handbag, leather handbag, SABA Annex

I’m interrupting my usual beauty posts with my new handbags today…

Yes, I have been shopping again…!

First up, I have the SPLURGE handbag which was from SABA…  You know it’s SPLURGE-y when it comes wrapped in a dust bag and the shop has a branded cardboard bag (instead of plastic fantastics) and the price tag of the bag is in 3 figures!!  *gulps*

Well, here she is…  Behold my SABA Annex Fold-Over…

SABA handbag, SABA leather handbag, leather handbag, SABA Annex

“Super-soft grain cow leather in contemporary graphite, combined with brushed silver luxe metal hardware. This hip bag folds open into a tote with top handle, and has a removable strap for versatility. Width is 29cm, height 22cm when folded and depth 8cm.  This is made from 100% leather.”

All for the princely sum of $269.

SABA handbag, SABA leather handbag, leather handbag, SABA Annex

Now if you know me in real life or you have read my previous handbag stories, you will know that I am a thrifty handbag queen (read : cheapskate) and apart from my highly neglected LV, this SABA Annex Fold-Over is one of the most exxy handbags in my collection.  Let me think…  Yes, it is indeed the 2nd most exxy handbag next to LV!  So why did I splurge?  And how did I find the money to splurge with a baby on its way???

Simple answer :  I had a $300 SABA gift card which was expiring in a matter of days so I had to spend it on SOMETHING!!!

I’ve actually had the gift card for a while (part of the prize of Clinique It Girl)…and I’ve walked into SABA a few times…and walked out again.  I am just never gonna be a classy luxe lady and I have learnt to accept that fact.  And I have also learnt to accept the fact that I will be stared at up and down by SA’s working in expensive shops with the “Can she afford this?” look.  But anyway…on the day I spent my dorrahs at SABA, the SA’s were nice to me because I had that determined “I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING IN HERE TODAY” vibe.

SABA El Toro Day Bag

Originally, I had my eye on the SABA El Toro Day Bag ($329) – extreme hawtness from – but the zip malfunctioned!!  And even the SA’s struggled to zip it up…so heed my warning before you splurge!!  Besides, my Husband was like – if you buy that, you will never use it because it is too heavy for you and your bad back/neck/shoulder.  He knows me so well 🙂  And it could also be partly due to the fact that he used the remainder of my voucher to buy himself a lovely merino sweater – aha!  Ulterior motive revealed! 😛

So…have I started using my SABA bag?  Is it my handbag du jour?  Pfft…don’t be silly!  I took it out for some photos and then put it back in the dust bag…and by the time I use it, it will be so last season 😛  Don’t get me wrong.  The SABA bag is of fantastic quality…it’s just NOT AS ME…but I will use it…eventually…!

Instead…my handbag du jour is this baby…

Julies Little World, julieslittleworld

What a cutie!  This is a pretty handmade tote bag made by my lovely talented young friend Julie from Julie’s Little World.  And it was a bargain at $15.  We popped along to her stall at a market a few weeks ago and we were so happy to support her with this purchase.  I haven’t stopped using it since – hence the wrinkled appearance!  I have also received compliments from a few girlfriends already 😉  It is just…SO MORE ME!

Anyway, I can’t believe I have so many handbag stories!!  LOL!  Which handbag do you like?  Have you bought any handbags recently?

12 comments on “Say Hello To My New Handbags!”

  1. See, if it was anyone else, I’d say you’re crazy for not using that gorgeous leather bag. But, I totally get it and think the cuter bag is more Ling than the plain black one 😛

    • @Tine, LOL, you know me so well! But every time I see you girls at blogger events carrying lush leather bags, I’m like – DAMN! Should have brought one of many leather bad boy bags 😛 But then, the thought of lugging a big heavy leather bag around on public transport terrifies me and my poor weak back!!

  2. I like the other one but like Noah said you won’t use it. Plus zip malfunction…

    Julie’s little bag is so cute!

    • @Ling, It was MAJOR zip malfunction to the max!!! I was ready to fork out more $$ to buy it because it was the hawtest bag in their small collection…but sadly, it wasn’t meant to be 😛 Good thing I did the Chinese thing and checked the zips before purchasing!

  3. I scored the best bargain last Friday.
    A burnt orange 100% leather David Lawrence bag at David Jones.
    $249 down to $199.
    took it to the register – got it for $111!!!!

  4. Great buys! I love buying bags too and I never knew that Saba have great collection of bags. You def choose a great one. I also love the cute tote bag which you can bring anytime and anywhere.

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