All nail polish lovers need no introduction the brand Seche, as their top coat Seche Vite is infamous.  I haven’t tried it myself but I was sent Seche Recondition to review on The Best Beauty Blog.

Product Description

Seche Recondition adds flexibility to fragile nails and provides extra conditioning for nails that are hard, dry and brittle. This special formulation replenishes the natural moisture content of the nail. Applied daily, Recondition™ helps regain the healthy balance necessary to resist stress and enhance durability. This formulation is ideal for pedicures.

Product Ingredients & Warning

As you may have gathered from my frequent NOTD posts, I love to paint my nails, but they often break too.  For review purposes, I trimmed my fingernails and applied Seche Recondition for 7 consecutive nights (I did not wear any nail polish during this period) so there were 7 layers of Seche Recondition in total.  I incorporated it into my nightly routine after applying my evening moisturisers and flossing.


  • Provides a shiny glossy appearance (almost like clear nail polish) and dries relatively quickly
  • During this period, there were no nail breakages – and there were none till 12 days after the last application
  • After removing the 7 layers of Seche Recondition (I did it because I wanted to paint my nails!) with nail polish remover, nails looked like they usually do but I think my cuticles looked healthier


  • The chemical smell is really strong and overpowering – almost made my eyes water when I first opened the bottle
  • As seen in the ingredients, there is a chemical which is known to cause cancer – formaldehyde


Seche Recondition made my nails appear stronger and less prone to breakage and my cuticles seemed healthier.  Suitable for a person with weak brittle nails and a high tolerance to strong chemical smells.

Truthfully, I would not repurchase this.  The eye-watering smell plus the formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in the formulation turns me off.  Perhaps, it was partly my fault as I applied this in bed before sleeping – I should have applied this in a well-ventilated area.  I shall use the rest of the bottle on my toenails.

For more information on Seche products, please check out their website

This product was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I just put my first coat on tonight. I read that it is for hard, dry , peeling nails which describes my nails perfectly. I hope it works! I don’t notice much of a smell.

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