Have you ever bought a product and disliked it and then tried to use it up quickly, but you begin to like it when it’s nearly finished?  Well, that’s the relationship I had with Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover.

Simple, eye make-up remover

Product Description

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover is a perfect blend of active ingredients to effectively remove even waterproof mascara.

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smoothes
  • No oil means non-greasy leaving no residue
  • No perfume, no colour and no unnecessary harsh chemicals so it won’t upset your skin

How To Use It

Soak a cotton pad and rest it on eyes for 10 seconds to allow stubborn eye make-up to dissolve.  Then, gently wipe around the eye area without rubbing.

My Opinions

Like I said, I did not like this eye make-up remover at all.  It just would not remove the L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara I was using!  I piled loads of remover onto multiple cotton pads but I still had mascara leftovers.  But when I changed to a new mascara, it worked wonders.  So I figured it was the old mascara’s fault.  Therefore, I started to like it…

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover is indeed kind to eyes.  Doesn’t sting eyes and has no chemical smell.  Doesn’t leave behind an oily film like some eye make-up removers.  Affordable.  It just doesn’t work on a certain stubborn mascara.

Due to my initial disliking of this product, I purchased another brand of eye make-up remover before I even finished using this.  I might purchase Simple Kind To Eyes Make-Up Remover again if it doesn’t work out with other ones.  Time will tell…

Which eye make-up remover do you recommend?

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  2. I’ve never tried this one. I’d probably recommend Clinique because that’s what I use most. It’s brilliant for removing eye makeup. Works on all mascara I’ve used. It does have a little oil in it but it removes make up without having to really rub your eyes, which is good for preventing premature aging. So I don’t mind it too much. Plus I wash my face after that anyway so it feels fine :). Great review of this though! I might be inclined to try this one. Clinique eye makeup remover is quite expensive.

  3. I forgot my eye makeup remover on a recent trip & picked this up instead. I must admit it was really awful! There was not enough oil to comfortably remove even non waterproof makeup. I still think the best makeup remover are the bi-phase ones that are formulated with the proper amount of oils to dissolve even the most stubborn makeup. I’m sticking with my Lancome Bi-Facil!

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