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You may recall that I was introduced to the Bioderma Hydrabio range, which is catered towards dry and sensitive skin, a few months ago.  Well, I used these products for my evening skincare routine for over a month (and I’m still using some of them) and I’m ready to give you my verdict…

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution :  I LOVE this!  In fact, I love it more than the original infamous Bioderma Sensibio H2O (the pink bottle) because I love the scent and I also feel that it is more gentle on my skin.  If I am feeling lazy, I will use this on its own as a cleanser (wet cotton pad and swipe).  But if I know I’ve been wearing a face full of make-up I will use this like a toner, i.e. use after cleansing oil to remove the makeup remnants.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum :  This is also another winner!  I was so sad when I finished this 40ml bottle of moisturising concentrate.  We’ve been transitioning to the colder months in Melbourne so this was a great serum to tame my sensitive skin.  The serum was light, non-sticky and absorbed beautifully.  I would definitely buy this again when Priceline does one of its awesome 40% off skincare sales events.

Bioderma Hydrabio Riche :  This rich moisturiser is for dry and very dehydrated sensitive skin which suits my skin to a tee.  Together with the hydrating serum, it was a fantastic combo.  On its own, it didn’t deliver as well on my skin.

Bioderma Hydrabio Exfoliating Cream :  This is a gentle scrub for sensitive skin which I used once a week for a month (I’ve started using another new one because beauty guinea pig blogger here!).  The exfoliating beads are tiny and not abrasive on skin.  I get a lot of clogged pores and blackheads around my nose and I’ve not been getting quite so much since I started doing a weekly scrub so yay!

bioderma hydrabio range for sensitive skin

Overall, the Bioderma Hydrabio range has totally impressed me.  I am trying to find something negative to say about the range but I seriously can’t.  I love French skincare, I love the fresh-smelling scent, I love the simple and clean packaging, I love the results.

If you are looking for something to treat dry and sensitive skin due to seasonal changes, then please consider trying this range.  It won’t target skincare issues like pigmentation but then again, it shouldn’t as it doesn’t promise to.

What it will give you is happy and hydrated skin.


Disclosure :  Thanks to Bioderma for providing these products for editorial consideration.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve only tried the original micellar water which I liked but didn’t love. I’ve been curious about their other skincare though, and they sound seriously amazing! I’ll have to check them out 🙂

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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