ysl creme de blush, ysl cream blush

YSL Creme De Blush 6 Rouge Passion entered into my life at the beginning of this year when my sister and I decided to do some duty-free shopping at Sydney Airport before the long journey to Hong Kong.  Isn’t it pretty?

ysl creme de blush, ysl cream blush

I just love everything from the decadent YSL luxe packaging…

ysl creme de blush, ysl cream blush

…to the super vibrant coral red shade that is Rouge Passion.  *swoon*

ysl creme de blush, ysl cream blush

I am so in love with my one and only YSL Creme De Blush that I cannot bear to tarnish the cream blusher by using it!!!  Even for the love of beauty blogging, I refuse to swatch it so you will just have to stalk your local YSL counters to swatch these gorgeous cream blush babies!

Yes, I love to hoard luxe expensive make-up items especially when they are super sexy and super pretty.  And yes, I am still admiring that unopened and unused Chanel lipstick I bought 1.5 years ago.

Is anyone else guilty of this weird hoarding obsession of luxe make-up items?  ‘Fess up!

17 comments on “So Pretty! YSL Creme De Blush 6 Rouge Passion”

  1. When I first purchased some YSL lipsticks I thought I’d “save them for a special occasion”. Then I decided that life is too short to not wear amazingly expensive makeup, just cos 🙂

  2. awh ling you are so adorable!!
    wowww that packaging is divine! i agree with chelsea though, life IS too short! hopefully one day when the time is right you can spoil yourself and finally try it 😛

  3. LOL! You’re so funny – but you’re not alone! I can’t bear to use luxe products no matter what it is. But sometimes I cave 😉

    The packaging is gorgeous – I don’t think I’d open it either.

  4. Oh wow this is really pretty but when I buy I can’t wait to try it 🙂 Thanks and I love your blog!

  5. Lol, that is so funny! I can’t wait to try new items as soon as I buy them so I am definitely not hording any luxe items. I do have a hard time parting with the empty containers though!

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