Every beauty-conscious female knows that it’s not the face, but it’s the hands which can reveal their true age.  Am I beauty-conscious?  Hmm…yes, I am…for my face.  But when it comes to my hands…erm…well…I have never been one of those ladies who carry hand creams in their handbags.  Kudos to those who do it but I can’t bear carrying extra weight on my shoulders.  As a result of this, when the Sukin rep contacted me to see if I would review any products, I chose hand care products (as well as haircare products previously reviewed) – Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash and Sukin Purely Ageless Nutrient Rich Hand Treatment – as this would force me to use them religiously.  Aren’t I a smart beauty blogging cookie?!

Sukin is an Australian skincare brand which only uses natural ingredients.  What does this mean?  It means that Sukin products do NOT contain parabens, artificial colours, mineral oils, SLS, animal derivatives and synthetic fragrances.  Okay, so you may be like me and be nonchalant to skincare ingredients, but let’s put it this way – we are exposed to harmful chemicals every day, everywhere – so if I can use one less chemical-laden beauty product, it already gets a big thumbs-up from me!

Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash

An aromatic cleansing gel perfect for hands prone to dryness and subjected to frequent washing.  Contains skin-softening jojoba and avocado oils, soothing aloe vera and skin healing rosehip oil.

Being a dentist, I favour antibacterial hand washes.  Unfortunately, Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash lacks the antibacterial factor.  However, I adore how nourishing this clear cleansing gel is on my hands.  I would highly recommend this as a special treat for your hands.  I definitely noticed the difference compared to the cheapy hand washes I have a tendency to buy.

Sukin Purely Ageless Nutrient Rich Hand Treatment

Enriched with zinc oxide, the best in natural sun protection, this non-greasy hand and nail cream is formulated to effectively reduce the signs of ageing to hands exposed to sunlight.
Hydrolised wheat protein will strengthen nails and cuticles, kakadu plum will nourish and sesame and jojoba oils will soften.

A hand cream with SPF 15!!!  Yes!  I get really enthusiastic with SPF-containing products and this one is no exception.  This is my first hand cream with SPF 15 and I love it for that.  My hands get exposed to the sun when I drive to work and rubbing this on will help prevent age spots.  My only gripe is that Sukin Purely Ageless Nutrient Rich Hand Treatment is rather thick and needs time to soak in.  When I’m running late for work, I skip this step in my morning routine.  It may be a good idea to put it in my car so I can rub it on when I’m stuck in a traffic jam.  Now, why didn’t I think of that earlier??!!

Have you started taking care of your hands so that it won’t reveal your true age?

4 comments on “Sukin Hand Products Won’t Reveal Your True Age!”

  1. I always have a hand cream in my bag, that’s why I love getting little mini’s or samples, then my bag weighs less but I cant still bring my hand cream:) These seem really nice, I’m about to start using the Sukin facial moisturiser when the one I’m using runs out. The brand is everywhere at the moment:)

    • @Tegan, Unfortunately, anti-bacterial handwash can strip away delicate skin. But I learnt this at a Infection Control course and that is – Make sure you wet your hands before applying handwash and it won’t be so harsh.

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