survey results revealed

First up, thanks to all you totally awesome peeps for taking your time to answer my survey.  I really needed your help in deciding which direction to take my blog, so without further ado, let’s take a look at your responses and how I will try and cater to your reading pleasure…

{WARNING : This was supposed to be a short and sweet update, but turns out it is a LOOOONG one so if you don’t quite fancy it, come back tomorrow for a new post.  However, there are going to be new changes coming to this blog so watch out for them!}

Q1 : How often would you like to read a new post from The Best Beauty Blog?

survey results

Thank goodness none of you said “NEVER”!!!  😛

In an ideal world, my aim is to blog REGULARLY with 2-4 posts a week (maybe Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday?) but there is THE BABY!!!  Anyway, I shall TRY and get the blog flowing once I get my new mummy routine established (rather difficult at the moment as baby girl is turning up the crank factor as she is on a Wonder Week (mummy jargon) and she’s got jetlag from travelling from UK to Hong Kong to Australia, it has totally messed up our routine but that’s another story).

Q2 : What do you LIKE about The Best Beauty Blog?

I won’t list everyone’s responses, but it really warmed my ickle heart and brought a big fat smile to my face to read your comments to see what you actually like.

1. Humour 

The majority of you like my humour and think I am funny!  Woweee!!

Your writing style, it’s straight forward and funny so it makes reading your posts very entertaining!

Your humour and personality. You can be reviewing a dish cloth and you’ll still be funny.

Daily muses – your outlook on life cracks me up. Good sense of humour

2. Honesty

A lot of you appreciate the honest reviews

refreshingly honest and normal blogger

I love the honest feedback and lack of ‘straight from the press release’ reviewing.

3. Personal Life

And many of you mentioned that you like the snippets of personal life I add into my posts

Ling’s quirky sense of humour. Makes the blog more personal! Bits of your personal life interworven with your reviews is nice, as it gives it context (or sometimes not, but I feel like I’m privileged to hear about what’s going on. Urgh, that sounds a bit stalkerish!)

I like that you write about beauty related posts but also update us in your personal life from time to time, very interesting.

4.  Others

Other things mentioned include the fact that I review affordable drugstore products, good photos, nice layout and my make-up looks/FOTDs.  Special mention to this lovely commenter, “I LOVE how you still manage to find time to blog even though you are super busy. You should be so proud of yourself!!!” >>> THANK YOU

Q3 : What do you DISLIKE about The Best Beauty Blog?

This was a dangerous question but it turns out that 95% of you DISLIKE the lack of updates.  I totally understand this because I get sad too when my favourite bloggers don’t update enough (but it’s EVEN WORSE when my favourite blogger(s) quit and shut down their blogs!!!).

Mmm…nothing to dislike, but maybe the lack of posts lol…understandable with a new bubba though!

Nothing! Just more regular posts, perhaps 3 times a week.

Also, other things people dislike are :

  • “Fashion – it’s just not my thing.” >>> don’t worry, becoming a fashion blogger is not my thing either.  I have dabbled with the occasional outfit posts but I aint no supermodel.
  • “Erm, sometimes a bit OTT on the TMI stories? ;)” >>> LOL, “a bit OTT”?!  I’m so baaad, I’m totally OTT with the TMI stories!!  There can never be enough TMI 😛

Q4 : What topics would you like to read more of on The Best Beauty Blog?

Survey results

Oooh, interestiiiing!!!  Was secretly hoping that you would be interested in mummy posts and you are!  And bravo to the 14 people who want to read more on sex gadgets/toys haha.  I jokingly slipped that in there (pun very much intended!) but it turns out, it’s a topic you want to read more than blogging tips! *runs to Sexyland*

Q5 : I want to start writing about other topics – mostly family, lifestyle and all the other topics mentioned in the previous question.  Would you rather I start a new blog for that or include it in the beauty blog?

Majority rules and 57.5% of you said that I should blog whatever the heck I want on my blog.  30% said that I should include lifestyle posts but maintain the beauty posts.

Q6 : What is your gender?

Hello to all you ladies and my TWO male readers out there!

Q7 : How young are you?

It turns out I have readers of all ages from the under 18’s to the over 50’s.  Most of you are in your thirties like me and closely followed by the twenties.  From now on, I will make sure to have warnings on any TMI X-rated posts for all those under 18.

Q8 – this wasn’t REALLY a question, but it was to choose a lucky winner to win $30 sponsored by me to spend on whatever you wanted.  Thanks to those who kindly told me to keep my money and spend it on baby Bunty – but she was already spoilt by her grandparents when we went to UK!  Anyway, the lucky winner is… Jayne!!!  Happy spending!

Survey Results Conclusion

Your much appreciated feedback has determined the future of this blog.  I know I cannot please everyone, so here’s a rough idea of what I am planning to do.

I have contemplated for AGES on whether I should start a new blog for all the topics I want to write about that are not beauty-related (even though I have a 10-year-old personal blog which I no longer update) but it’s just not possible to juggle so much stuff and maintain the quality of my blog posts.  I know I will lose a few readers here and there but it’s the best thing for the long term.

Instead, I plan to blog whatever tickles my fancy and that is basically, mostly beauty and a scattering of lifestyle – but I won’t feel blogger’s guilt if I decide to post up something different like a recipe or what I did on holiday, etc.

Also, I most definitely think I am going to CHANGE THE NAME of this blog – it’s something I have wanted to do since FOREVERRR – I always feel so embarrassed when I tell people my blog is called The Best Beauty Blog – it clearly isn’t so let’s not go there.  But anyway, since I am introducing new topics, I need a new name to reflect this.  Any suggestions are greatly welcomed.  Otherwise I will pick something REALLY pathetic again haha.  Am not looking forward to all the techie behind-the-scenes stuff involved with changing the name of a blog – URL redirection thingo is giving my brain a workout!!!  If you have any tips, please send them my way.

There’s so much work to do…but I am uber excited and I hope you will continue following my blog!!!  Thanks!!! <3

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  1. Tallulah
    15/04/2015 at 6:01 pm (3 years ago)

    Definitely gave me some ideas and helpful advice with my new blog.