Last week, I came up with a somewhat random mannequin fashion challenge to find outfits within my own wardrobe as inspired by mannequins.  I took this photo of some Alannah Hill mannequins in Chadstone mall in Melbourne.  I thought these outfits were do-able for me as I had these 3 important key pieces already.

So are you ready to see what I came up with….?

1st Mannequin

This Alannah Hill outfit is so cute and girly – I think it’s suitable for everyday wear.
I don’t own a pink cardigan so I improvised with a grey one.  The sheer criss cross tights I am wearing didn’t photograph too well.
Items of clothing featured here are from Primark, Esprit and New Look.

2nd Mannequin

This school-girl-ish outfit is rather sexy and sassy especially with those suspender tights.  I’m not a big fan of the scarf though.
I don’t own suspender tights but good thing I had knee high stockings to improvise.
Items of clothing featured here are from Primark and Daiso.

3rd Mannequin

This is my favourite outfit out of the 3.  I can imagine myself wearing this to a wedding.  The dotted tights are so quirky.
So it should come as no biggie that I have similar items in my current wardrobe.  Yes, even the dotted tights!
Items of clothing featured here are from Primark (yes, it is my favourite UK clothing store) and Forever New (this is my favourite Australian clothing store).


Mannequins have long slender legs!!!  It’s not fair because mine are short and stubby!  I have been thinking of buying my own mannequin and dressing her up to do fashion posts – but my Husband thinks it’s creepy having a mannequin in the house!  LOL

It was great discovering pieces of clothing which I would not normally pair together.  But taking photos of myself proved difficult as I don’t have a remote control for my camera.  I also need a better camera!  I think I will definitely have to invest in a good camera (and maybe a mannequin) if I want to continue with fashion posts on The Best Beauty Blog.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this fun fashion post.  Please check out Megan from Beauty In The Sky and Melody from Melludee for their takes on The Mannequin Fashion Challenge.  Also, please comment with a link if you have decided to do this challenge too.  I would love to see the outfits you came up with.

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