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Cook It : Hainanese Chicken Rice

homemade chicken rice recipe

In case you didn’t know, I’ve decided to inject more lifestyle posts into the good old blog.  Welcome to my first foodie post on this blog – this is Hainanese Chicken Rice – and I COOKED THIS from scratch!!

Fun fact :  I used to have a food blog called I Love Food Porn (original huh!) before I realised that I sucked at it because a) I like to eat my food IMMEDIATELY so snapping pics at all different angles made my food go lukewarm which I HATE and b) I was not very good at describing food – it was either “Yummy” or “Yukky”.


Mum’s Home Cooked Food is ALWAYS the Best!

Having my Mum here in the latter stages of pregnancy has been a godsend.  As you may remember, I had a crazy and hectic but fun maternity leave for 2 weeks but since I blogged about that, everything went tits up and I physically could not manage to keep all my social appointments 🙁  It kinda sucks but it’s my body telling me to slow down and rest because there won’t be any of that with a newborn!  Anyway, my Mum has been pampering me with the BEST home cooked food EVERRRRRR!  It’s simple plain Chinese cooking but there’s just something so comforting about my Mum’s cooking…and I know she has prepared and cooked the food with love.  I feel truly blessed!  #ilovemymum

So naturally, I wanted to showcase my Mum’s amazing home cooked food…except I realised that I’ve been gulping down the food more often than bringing out my camera to take photos.  Oopsie.  I’ve only got 3 photos here but oh well…  Have a look and drool…

chicken chow mein, chicken veg stir fry noodles, chicken noodles, stir fry

This was a yummy chicken and vegetables stir fried noodles (chicken chow mein).  My Mum painstakingly finely chopped all the julienned carrots and vegetables – how on earth did she get them so thin?  I said to her that she could have used the food processor to whizz it down in seconds but then she replied it wouldn’t have been made with love…  As for the pan in the picture, she actually bought me a few new pans from Scotland and brought them all the way to Melbourne!!  Even though I can easily buy cookware in Melbourne, it warms my heart to know she bought things over in Scotland just for me…means she’s thinking of me!  #ilovemymum

roast pork, roast pork crackling

This is Chinese roast pork with crackling (siew yoke) – like ZOMG!!!  It was AMAZING!!!  The meat was flavoured perfectly with Chinese five-spice and whatever herbs and it wasn’t fatty plus the crackling was beautifully crunchy.  I want to eat this again!  Mum, are you reading this??!!  She took 2 days to prep the meat…  I will watch her like a hawk next time and get the recipe so I can replicate this so that my child(ren) can enjoy MY home cooked food 🙂

ginger sweet soup, sweet potato soup

I had a Princess moment one night after dinner.  My Mum’s eyelids were growing heavy due to jet lag but I snapped her out of it by DEMANDING she make me Chinese sweet soup (tong sui) dessert.  Those unfamiliar with Chinese desserts will not like this concoction.  It is sweet potato ginger sweet soup with peanut butter glutinous rice balls (tong yune) served hot.  A lot of love is required to make this sweet soup and to get the ginger and sweet balance just right.  Plus the dough for the glutinous rice balls and to incorporate the peanut butter (Skippy Crunchy from Costco if you were wondering) filling.  It was delish!

Okay, I am not an uber diva daughter with pregnancy Princess moments because I have also been catering to my Mum’s needs too.  She LOVES carrot cake so I made her the Bourke Street Bakery version and she devoured HALF THE CAKE within 24 hours!  I baked another one yesterday with a different recipe but she (and Hubby) didn’t like it as much so I guess the BSB carrot cake will be the signature one I make from now on 🙂

best carrot cake