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Check Out This Australian Skincare Range, ASAP!

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‘TGIF’ used to be one of my favourite 4-letter acronyms as it meant the weekend was round the corner…but nowadays, being on maternity leave with no set routine and also, suffering severe insomnia, has made all my days merge into one another and I am no longer looking forward to the weekends.  Instead, I am looking forward to when bubs pops out as soon as possible.  ‘ASAP’ has now become my favourite 4-letter acronym!!!

Which leads me to today’s post on ASAP, an Australian cosmeceutical skin care company, which focuses on “the science of beautiful skin”.  I was sent a range of products from the ASAP range for review purposes and they came at the perfect time as my skin has been going through some pregnancy hormonal changes.  It was misbehaving and I needed something gentle yet effective… ASAP!!

During the ASAP skincare trial period (6 weeks and counting), my skincare profile and issues were :  hormone-related, dryness with flaky skin, increased pigmentation, clogged pores and blackheads especially around the nose, and an occasional zit on cheek affair.  If you are displaying similar skincare characteristics, this is a review you don’t want to miss 😉


Review : Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress

Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress

Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress was kindly sent to me during the middle of my second trimester after the lovely people at Pevonia read that I had been through a rather stressful first trimester (with all-day morning sickness and my high risk genetic CVS screening).

Prior to trying this product, I hadn’t heard of the brand Pevonia before…but after doing some internet stalking on their website, I discovered that they are “an elite, organic skin care line offered by the most prestigious spas worldwide”.  With that in mind, I happily put Pevonia Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-Stress to the test to see if it helped me de-stress during my pregnancy…


FACE OF AUSTRALIA Barbados Nail Enamel Let’s Go Scuba Diving

After having a fabulous Molten Metallics nail polish collection, FACE OF AUSTRALIA have done it again!  Their new (yet-to-be-released but coming very soon) Barbados collection has won my heart!  I was blessed to get my mitts on 3 of these sexy babies (thanks to MBBE 2011) – Let’s Go Scuba Diving, Orange You Glad You Came? and Bright Lights, Pink City.

Today I’m showing you the swatch of Let’s Go Scuba Diving.  I have no complaints about the formula as it applied easily with two coats.

Let's Go Scuba Diving nail swatch, FACE OF AUSTRALIA nail polish, FOA Barbados nails

Let’s Go Scuba Diving is a unique shade in my nail polish collection.  It’s an aquamarine shade with emerald and blue shimmy shimmer.  Truly breathtaking!

FOA nail swatch Barbados

I can’t swim to save myself so I won’t be scuba diving anytime soon…but with FACE OF AUSTRALIA’s mesmerising Let’s Go Scuba Diving on my nails, I can dream!

Of course, I’ll be showing you the swatches of the other nail polishes – Orange You Glad You Came? and Bright Lights, Pink City.  Which one would you like to see first?