Can you believe that we are in the month of June already?  Being a Scot (yes, I am a Scottish-born Asian – apparently, I am a rare specimen in Australia), I normally associate June with the beginning of Summer and I get really excited about buying new Summer wardrobe with dresses and accessories …but sadly, not this year!  It’s my first Winter in Australia and it looks like it’s going to be a very cold and dreary one.  Boohoo!!!

Floppy hat, accessories and Summer dresses from Awear website

My Aussie friends have mentioned that they have packed away their Summer wardrobe and brought out the Winter woolies, thermals and electric blankets.  Meanwhile, I am still sauntering around in my bright and cheerful Summer dresses.  And no, this is not due to my Scottish skin because I am also very afraid of the cold.  (It gets on my nerves when I complain of the cold and people say, “Oh, but you’re from Scotland, you SHOULD be used to the cold!”  I tell them that the coldness here is different from the coldness in UK, like how the heat in Melbourne is different from the heat in Hong Kong – the latter being more humid.  But some of them don’t believe me and laugh at me…which annoys me!  They just don’t understand!!!)

Anyway, I want to explain how my Summer dresses can be worn for all seasons and I can do that in one single word – LAYERS!  Yes, dear friends, there is no need to say goodbye to your sexy Summer clothes in Winter.  All you have to do is pile on the layers to stay warm.

For example, to wear this Summer dress in Winter, you can put on a polo neck (UK) / turtleneck (US) / skivvy (Aus) under the dress, snuggle up with a scarf and gloves, put on stockings, wear knee-high boots and wrap up with a faux fur jacket.

YAY!  I don’t have to be jealous of my family and friends in UK who are flaunting their Summer wardrobe because I am still going to wear my pretty Summer dresses in the bitter cold Winter too…with plenty of layers!