At the time of writing, Australia has welcomed 2 BB creams into the market – Biotherm White D-Tox Translu.Cell BB Cream SPF 25 and Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB Cream.  (For ease of writing, I shall refer to them as Biotherm and Garnier BB Creams instead of their long-winded names!)  I have been a big fan of BB creams for a long long time so I was delighted when I got my hands on both BB creams to test out.  (FYI, I got a free sample and I won a giveaway.)

What Is BB Cream?

BB cream is short for blemish balm and originates from Germany, even though it is highly popular in Asia.  It claims to heal skin and prevents wrinkles from its SPF content.  It’s not a tinted moisturiser because it is much thicker in texture.  I’ve been using BB creams for years now and I don’t see any healing on my scars, but I like Asian BB creams because it gives great coverage with high SPF and the shades can be a bit off but they blend very well.

Difference Between Asian BB Creams And The Aussie BB Creams

I think it’s important to establish that they are different.  Aussie BB Creams are thinner in texture, contain less SPF and more creamy than balmy.  I don’t know if that makes sense but it makes sense to me!  But saying that, I’m really loving the Australian BB creams!!  Let’s check them out…

Australia BB Cream

Biotherm BB Cream

Admittedly, I only have tiny samples of this – but a little goes a long way!  The shade is definitely too white on my skin but it blends out really well and keeps my face moisturised and shine-free.  In fact, I took one of these samples and used it at the ABBW and I used it for 3 days straight with no problems at all.  But I’ll be honest and say that I won’t repurchase unless there is a shade closer to my NC-30 skin.

Available from Adore Beauty for $49 AUD.


Garnier BB Cream

This product has been getting rave reviews from all over!  And I can see why!  It smells great, provides fantastic flawless coverage and requires little effort in blending because it glides on smoothly.  It’s closer to a tinted moisturiser than the Asian BB creams.

It comes in 2 shades – Light and Medium – but that’s the problem.  I am neither Light nor Medium – but thank God I won both of these from a giveaway because when mixed together, it is a perfect shade match!  In fact, I used it this morning to go to the hairdressers and I thought my skin looked really good seeing as I had to look at myself in the mirror for 2.5 hours at the salon.  The only downside is the lack of SPF with its measly 15 rating.  Pah!  If only Australian BB creams had extra oomph in SPF like the Asian BB creams.  Nevertheless, I can see myself repurchasing these highly affordable drugstore BB creams.

Available in drugstores and supermarkets around $15 AUD.

Have you tried any BB creams? Which are your favourite brands?