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It should come as no surprise that I use different skincare products in the morning and at night.  Today I am going to share with you the current facial cleansers that I have been using.

Morning Cleanser : Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Gel Wash

This lime-green gel-based cleanser is a delight to use because I LOVE the smell!!!  It smells of green tea; very similar to the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT that I love.  It is just so refreshing in the mornings!  I am a tea addict and this is a great fix without ingesting caffeine!

I don’t ask for much for a morning cleanser – just as long as it’s gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling ready to take on the day.  Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Gel Wash does this well – but my only gripe is the dispensing lid which gets clogged up easily with dried-up cleansing gel.

I believe Cellnique is a brand based in Malaysia so it isn’t readily available in Australia.  There is a price tag on the bottle at RM 119.00 and this was sent to me by PR.  For more details, head to http://www.cellnique.com

Evening Cleanser : Be In Awe Vimala Gentle Cleanser

Avid readers may recognise this brand from a previous post I did with a mini interview with the Be In Awe founder, Rebecca Powne.  I was delighted to be sent another Be In Awe product to use and this Vimala Gentle Cleanser has not left my bathroom since I started using it.

I love Be In Awe Vimala Gentle Cleanser because it’s free from a lot of nasties – SLS, parabens and harsh chemicals.  This also contains green tea, but sadly, it doesn’t have the green tea smell that I love.

It is great to use after a long day and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft; there is no tight feeling if I don’t apply my serums and moisturisers straightaway.  An added benefit is that I can use it around my delicate eye area without any stinging whatsoever.

Be In Awe is an Australian brand so it isn’t readily available for my international readers.  The cleanser has an RRP of $39.90 and for stockists and more information, please head to http://www.beinawe.com.au

What are you using for your current morning and night cleansers?