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Review : Cloud Nine Micro Wand

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I was literally on Cloud Nine, when this sexy, sleek, black curling iron –> The Micro Wand <– was sent to me whilst I was heavily pregnant (around 37 weeks) in November.  Now if I hadn’t been doing my Kegel exercises, I may have had a “wee” accident (pun very much intended!).

Anyway, the Cloud Nine Micro Wand and I have been friends for over 6 months now so it’s about time that I show you what I love about it (yes, it is LOVE) and what magic it can do to transform hair from drab to fab.  Trust me!


An Awkward Review of Lelo Smart Wand

Lelo, Smart Wand, Lelo massager

The reason for the awkwardness?  Well, you can jog your memory { here } on how I acquired the Lelo Smart Wand and laugh at me again for my naivety.  Yes, I did think it was a very odd shape for a back massager but look at the luxurious box it came in.  I didn’t think it was anything dodgy until a lot of people commented on it when I posted a picture on Instagram (which was deleted swiftly as soon as I found out!)  I was just extremely embarrassed and mortified for my lack of knowledge on such gadgets 😛  And this review is going to be slightly awkward as it will be full of un-intentional sexual innuendoes – you have been warned!


Look Like A Pretty Little Liar With Remington Perfect Curls

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If you haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars before, you need to get on it ASAP!  I love it!!!  It’s an American teen drama mystery / thriller TV series where there are no vampires nor werewolves (yay!) and it’s not as shallow as Gossip Girl and it’s younger than Desperate Housewives.  Whenever I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, I always wish that I could be a Pretty Little Liar too!  I want to have their immaculate make-up!  I want to wear gorgeous clothes!  And I want to have their luscious locks!

Imagine my delight when I discovered that I was one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  No, I can’t replicate their flawless make-up…I can’t afford nor fit into the newest hottest dresses in town…BUT I have discovered the secret to gorgeous wavy locks.

3 words – Remington Perfect Curls.

Remington curling tong, Remington hair tools, Pretty Little Liars hair

Remington Perfect Curls has amazing features :-

  • Sexy in pink
  • Suitable for hair tong noobs
  • Say ciao to future curling iron burns
  • Guaranteed the same perfect curls every time

The only thing which didn’t work so well for me was due to the thickness of my hair, it took forever to curl all my hair.  The clip which clamps the hair to the curling iron only holds a small amount of my hair each time.  Boo!!

BUT if I curl my hair with Remington Perfect Curls while I watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, time just flies and by the end of the episode, I know I am one step closer to becoming a Pretty Little Liar.  LOL.

Remington Perfect Curls review

For a bit of va-va-voom (ie. volume) at the roots, I use Pantene Nature Fusion Root Lift Mist or KMS Hot Flex Spray and then  to make my curls last longer, I top it off with some hairspray – the one I’m currently loving is Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

FYI : All hair products mentioned here were PR samples or from goodie bags.  All opinions are my own – I speak no lies even though I want to be a Pretty Little Liar! 😛

Anyway, have you tried Remington Perfect Curls?  What curling iron are you using?  And do you watch Pretty Little Liars?  Who is your fave character?

Proudly Presenting My New Baby : Baby Quasar

red baby quasar, baby q

If you’re a fan of both beauty and geeky stuff, then you will love beauty gadgets!  This is the Baby Quasar, also known as Baby Q, courtesy of Baby Quasar.  And just to clarify, this post is on the red Baby Quasar (anti-ageing one) as opposed to the Baby Blue (the one for acne) and the larger version of the Baby Quasar, Quasar MD.  Confused yet?

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The Beauty-Geeky Lowdown Of Baby Quasar

The Baby Quasar uses SequePulse technology, which was developed by NASA for healing in space.  Basically, there are 4 wavelengths of red and infrared light which penetrate and treat from the surface of the skin to deep within the tissues, thereby boosting cellular activity and stimulating blood flow and circulation.

Features of the Baby Quasar :-
  • Metallic hand-held device which isn’t heavy to hold (weighs less than 8oz)
  • Needs to be plugged in to wall socket for it to work
  • 24 cute little light-bulbs with 12 which beam red when turned on (do not look directly at the lights!)
  • Easy push on/off switch which also changes the mode
  • An indicator light at the top which shows either green / amber / red depending which mode you require
  • Green indicator light = Continuous Wave Mode – used for healing and pain control
  • Amber indicator light = Low Pulse Frequency Mode – used for anti-ageing purposes for those with sensitive skin types (that’s me, BTW!)
  • Red indicator light = High Pulse Frequency Mode – used for anti-ageing purposes for those with normal skin types.
review of baby quasar, baby q, laser for skin, best beauty blog, baby qasar
How to Use the Baby Quasar
After cleansing and moisturising with a serum, I use it in slow circular motions all around my face per sextant and repeat for a total treatment time of 24 minutes on my face alone.  And then  I work it on my decolletage.


Benefits of the Baby Quasar include :-

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shrinkage of enlarged pores
  • Helps areas of discolouration
  • Relieves pain in muscles and joints
  • Helps healing
For more detailed information, head to


My Opinions On The Baby Quasar


It sounds like a super-gadget with all these amazing promises, but does it really deliver?

Before I launch into my opinions of the Baby Quasar, I just need to point out that my skin is dry/sensitive with fine lines and areas of sun damage.  I have enlarged pores especially around my nose and I don’t usually get spots on my face, but I get loads on my decolletage!  (Dammit!  I’m already flat-chested and then it’s worsened by zits!  Pah!)  The beauty of the Baby Quasar is that you are in control so if you want to use it purely for anti-ageing, you can.  If you want to use it to help heal spots, you can.  Or if you want to do both, go ahead!  I used it for both anti-ageing  around my face, chin and neck and healing of chest spots for 8 weeks as directed; with a frequency of two times per week.  (Confession : Okay, you got me.  Two weeks ago, when I was sick, I skipped one session.)


  • Again, I also want to add that my results are not conclusive because it takes time for long-term effects to show up and I use a lot of anti-ageing skincare lotions and potions and I have been regularly using my other beauty gadget, Hitachi Hada CRiE.
  • My face gets really hot and rosy after each session.  It gives me a lovely radiant after-glow which lasts until the next day.
  • In terms of fine lines and wrinkles, I have not noticed much difference but it may be too soon to determine this.  Will update this again later if I notice any changes.  But I haven’t noticed more lines or deepening of my wrinkles so that is a good thing.
  • Pore sizes definitely do appear smaller
  • I have noticed fading of existing pigmentation in my upper cheek area, BUT I have noticed increased development of sun spots under my eyes!  (Note : I am not blaming Baby Quasar for that; but I just haven’t found a suitable sunscreen for my delicate eye area – so if you have a recommendation, please let me know.  Thanks.)  The instruction booklet says you can use the Baby Quasar underneath eyes, but I am rather reluctant because the red lights are really intense and I know I said I wanted laser eye surgery, but I am a little bit worried that these red lights may damage my nearly-blind eyesight!
  • As for my chest spots, it’s a miracle!  As you know, I like to squeeze my spots but the ones on my chest are nasty and red and very sore.  When I zapped it with the Baby Quasar, I wasn’t sure if it would really do much…but it has!!  They have disappeared.  I kid you not. I also got really funny (funny as in weird) looks from my Husband when I used Baby Q on my chest.  (Men!  They just don’t understand!)
Quasar Ready Set Glow, top beauty blog, anti-ageing laser treatment
What I Like
  • Lightweight noise-free gadget
  • Gives my skin a lovely glow
  • Noticeable smaller-looking pores
  • Some fading of unwanted pigmentation
  • Healed up and got rid of those nasty red chest spots – AMAZING!
  • Only have to use it twice a week
  • Good investment even though it costs $399 USD
What I Dislike
  • Takes over 30 minutes for each session
  • Intense red lights which means I have to close my eyes and the Baby Q gets pretty hot to touch near the end of my session
  • Cannot walk around as it needs to be plugged in, but at least the power cord is 6 foot long
  • Cannot multi-task when using this

Famous Last Words

OMG!  There was a limited edition pink Baby Quasar!!  If I didn’t have one already, I would have bought the pink version!!  But it’s sadly no longer available on their website…sighs.

For more information and to check out the blue Baby Quasar for acne and the Quasar MD, hop on over to

Free Shipping + Free $60 Gift, 234x

Have you had laser therapy for your skin?  What beauty gadgets do you have?  

Review Of Hitachi Hada CRiE – Japan’s No. 1 Beauty Gadget

review of Hitachi Hada CRiE, hitachi hadacrie

I know that we’re still in the first quarter of 2012, but I believe that Hitachi Hada CRiE (model CM-N800-V) is going to be my favourite beauty purchase of the year.  Hitachi Hada CRiE is the bee’s knees / the cat’s pyjamas / the bomb – it is phenomenal and worth every dollar my Husband’s credit card I paid for it ($1880 HKD = $250 AUD).  It is “Japan’s No.1 beauty gadget” for a reason!  And it is so amazing that I have written this long and in-depth review about it.

About Hitachi Hada CRiE

Warning :  Poorly translated English copied and pasted from the Hitachi HK website.

Hitachi Hada CRiE, Ion Cleansing with Moisturizing Support Device which gets the Japan Sales No.1 makes your skin beautiful through several steps. You can achieve three wishes at the same time, pore cleansing, moisturizing and wrinkle reducing. Now you can enjoy a facial treatment with the level of beauty salon at your home!

So that is very confusing so allow me to elaborate from my personal experience…

The Hitachi Hada CRiE has 4 functions : Cleansing, Micro-Pat, Moisturize and Refresh.

The smooth metal head (with and without cotton pad) is designed to give your face a deep cleanse to exfoliate away all the dead skin and debris, which will help maximise the efficacy of skincare products and in doing so, will refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate skin.  With the vibrations and pulses, it’s like giving my face a massage which helps plump up my skin.  It’s like an Asian version of the Clarisonic without the harshness of using a brush head and with extra functions.

how to use Hitachi Hada CRiE, Face Crie, hitachi hadacrie

How To Use It

  • It can get a bit confusing at first but with a little trial and error, I have figured out how to master the Hitachi Hada CRiE to suit my skin’s needs.
  • It has a rechargeable battery and there are no cords so I use my Hitachi Hada CRiE everywhere around the house which is fantastic.
  • It has sensor pads so if you’re not holding onto it properly, it won’t work and it will stop when the head is not touching skin.  How smart!
  • All you need are cotton pads, a selection of toners and a sheet mask.
  • Each function works for 5 minutes and stops automatically.
  • I use it all over my face in the motions as shown in the picture and avoid my delicate eye area.
  • I remove all make-up and cleanse my face before using Hitachi Hada CRiE – which amazes me even more when I realise that my normal cleansing skills are totally inadequate at removing all dirt!

Not all the 4 functions are designed for daily use and they work and pulse in different ways :

Cleansing : daily use, cotton pad soaked in cleansing water or toner (I like to use Bioderma Crealine H2O or INSETA [World Spirit] H2o)
Micro-Pat : daily use, no cotton pad, spray toner on face and keep it wet to avoid dry burns (I like to use Comvita Hydrating Toning Mist or Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist)
Moisturize : daily use, cotton pad soaked in a moisturising toner (I like to use Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion or Pond’s Flawless White Toner)
Refresh : weekly use, over a sheet mask (I’ve been using it over My Beauty Diary face sheet masks but any sheet mask will do)

Hitachi Hada CRiE review, photos, hadacrie, face crie

Why I Love Hitachi Hada CRiE

  • The results are immediate and plain to see.  It’s just so satisfying to see the amount of dirt and gunk on the cotton pad after using Hitachi Hada CRiE.
  • I have had no breakouts or purging or dry, flaky skin or any irritations with using this whatsoever.
  • It is so easy to use.  And it is smart too because it knows when you’re not in contact with your skin and stops and starts accordingly.
  • My skin is left feeling clean but not in a harsh squeaky clean kinda way – because it allows me to add moisture and hydration afterwards with its extra functions and plumps it up with the massaging motions.
  • My pores are no longer clogged and blackheads pop out really easy.
  • I can also use this on other parts of my body.  And I have had fun using this on my Husband and on my Mum and my Sister – it’s fun to compare who has the dirtiest cotton pads!  LOL.
  • I must add that it is pretty in pink too!  And it’s lightweight and the rechargeable battery lasts for a long time!  I’ve only charged it twice since I bought this in January!
Simply put, Hitachi Hada CRiE has been a great investment for my skin and I cannot highly recommend it enough.


I bought mine in Hong Kong in Fortress, (Sha Tin or Mong Kok  – can’t quite remember) and they obviously have it in Japan and around Asia…but for others around the world, try Amazon 🙂

What has been your favourite beauty purchase of 2012, thus far?

Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set Review

Miller and Moore Foot Spa

I thought I got a bargain when I purchased the Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set at 50% off at $20 in Coles…but then the next day, it got reduced even further to $15.  Pah!!  I am sure a lot of women will be getting this for their Christmas so being the dutiful beauty blogger, I have tested it out and here’s my review.

What’s In The Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set Box?

  • The footspa massager basin with a non-removeable electric cord (which is annoying when it comes to pouring out the water)
  • Miller & Moore Peppermint & Almond products – Foot Soak Crystals, Foot Cream and Foot Wash
  • User manual (not pictured)

What Does The Footspa Massager Do?

  • There is no heating element so it doesn’t keep the water warm – bummer!
  • It vibrates…gently.  And there is only one control setting.
  • Massage nodules on the floor of the basin and in the middle (green circular part)

My Opinions

  • It is not a massager!!!  I’ve had plenty of foot massages before and it’s just not a massage…but once I got over it, I enjoyed my experience more.
  • Yes, there are massage nodules which you are supposed to run the base of your feet over and it is supposed to mimic reflexology…but it doesn’t provide the pain and the relief afterwards.  It just feels slightly ticklish…
  • The vibration is mild and it helps relax my feet.
  • The Splash Cover is pointless as a splash cover – but it’s good for resting my feet on top of it after soaking and waiting for it to air dry.
  • As for the products provided, the Foot Soak Crystals don’t do much.  The Foot Wash softens my the hard skin on my feet – LIKE.  And the Foot Cream is cooling and soothing and absorbs well.


The Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set is my first foot spa set type thing so I have nothing else to compare it to.  But let’s get this straight – it isn’t exactly luxury…it’s a good and sizeable foot soaker with mild vibrations for a product under $20.  However, if I had to fork out the original price of $40, I would not be that impressed.

Did you get this for Christmas?  Have you used footspas before?