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I need to pat myself on the back for making a good decision in purchasing this beauty – Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge – for a grand total of $10!  Oh yes, it’s amazing!  It’s almost as awesome as Hello Kitty!  I’ve wanted one of these make-up sponges ever since I read raving reviews about Beauty Blenders but I was too el cheapo to fork out too much money.  So glad I saw this at IMATS last year!

Before The Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge Entered My Life…

  • I used my fingers to apply my liquid foundation and BB cream.  Works for some people, but not that good for me because the foundation would seep under my nails and curdle up there.
  • Wedged make-up sponges were a waste of money because they would soak up a lot of the liquid foundation and I had a habit of using them once and then dumping them (*insert your own one-night stand joke here*)
  • And I bought a few foundation brushes and tried out a stippling brush, but with the streaks, my face resembled skidmarks my Husband left behind in the porcelain throne after a good Indian curry!  (I think that’s why my toilet went beserk the other day – don’t believe me?  Check out the live recording of the crazy toilet in action!)

Enter The Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge…

  • Flawlessly fantastic foundation and BB cream application!  Also works with stick foundations – and when I used it with my Invisible Zinc foundation, I got a compliment from a girl-friend about my complexion which I credit half to this sponge and the other half to this miracle serum.
  • I also used it yesterday to blend concealer under my eyes and it worked well too.
  • The shape (pointy top and round bottom) of the sponge works well with blending in all areas of my face.
  • The sponge is dense so it doesn’t soak up liquid foundations easily.
  • It’s latex-free (I am allergic to latex) and it can be washed and reused.  (I wash it with the Daiso Sponge Cleaner – magic!!)
  • It also doubles up as stress ball.  Good for times when I get frustrated with applying my falsies and when I want to squeeze something else other than my own excess tummy fat.

Have you tried one of these beauty sponges before?  Do you have excess tummy fat too?  I feel your pain!  ARGH!!!  I’m off to the Gym to do Pilates…wish me luck!