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How To Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It Like A Pro

How to Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It

Before I went on holiday, I had been suffering from consecutive bad hair days.  I blamed the baby.  { I blame everything on my poor baby! => first sign of a bad mother 😛 }  Anyway, to combat this, I decided to give myself a DIY hair makeover.

DIY hair makeovers are fantastic for new mummies like me because :-

1.  It means you don’t have to find a babysitter or take a cranky baby to a hair salon.
2.  You can save money.  Nappies are expensive and babies pee / poo a lot.
3.  It beats having to do housework when the baby is napping.

For my DIY hair makeover, I gave myself a trim PLUS coloured my hair.  It was super easy and here’s how I did it with some helpful hints for you to attempt your own DIY hair makeover.


Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Shoes

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*This post is a collaboration between Bride Magazine and The Best Beauty Blog

My husband and I met on 31st October 2009 and around 7 months later, we got married – and let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made.  There was only a short period of time between our engagement and wedding – one and half months!! – so I didn’t have a lot of time for wedding planning so I needed to make quick snap decisions.  For example, shopping for a wedding dress only took me 20 minutes because I bought the first wedding dress I tried on.  However, when it came to buying wedding shoes, it took me slightly longer – and that was because my dress was not floor-length which meant that my wedding shoes would be on show so I really had to hunt down the “perfect wedding shoes”.  When I found them, I was ecstatic – they were PERFECT!  It turns out my wedding photographer thought so too because she took a few wedding shoe shots.

Anyway, I have collaborated with, to give you 3 helpful tips on how to choose the perfect wedding shoes :-


Advertorial : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

I’m going to start off today’s post with a bit of beauty trivia…

The Number 1 matte foundation in Australia is…*drumroll please*…  And do you know when it was launched?  It was launched in 2005 – 8 years ago!  Wow!

With that in mind, my expectations were pretty high before trialling this foundation so let’s see if it delivered…

(Oh…and there’s a $150 Maybelline prize pack giveaway at the end so do keep reading, ladies *winks*)


10 Things To Do When You Are Having A “I Look Like Sh*t Today!” Day

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Happy Monday everyone!  15 minutes ago, I found this post in my Drafts folder that I wrote (but didn’t publish it) earlier this year when I was (most likely) having a sh*tty day.  I had a wee chuckle reading this and thought I’d publish it today to hopefully help cure anyone with Monday-itis…


Some days, I wake up feeling awesome, energised and ready to take on zombies (I have been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead!).  And then there are the other days where I wake up and look in the mirror and think “I look like sh*t today!” (even a zombie wouldn’t attack me!) – and wish I could crawl back into the comfort of my bed.  Well, fear not my friends, I have come up with a list of 10 things to do when you are having a “I look like sh*t today!*” day :-


Asian Beauty : What is Asian Skin and How does it Compare to Caucasian Skin?

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I have decided to start an Asian Beauty series because well, hello, I’m Asian and I am a beauty….blogger 😛  So what does it mean?  It means that I will feature more Asian beauty products and introduce you to more Asian beauties.

Anyway, today I’m going to talk a bit about Asian skin.

What Is Asian Skin?

Totally stating the obvious here, but Asian skin is skin of Asian people, i.e.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc, etc.

Asian Skin vs Caucasian Skin

1.  Asians tend to have a thicker and denser dermal layer of the skin and there is a higher concentration of collagen, which means age-related skin changes are not as marked as Caucasians.

So true!  Asians have a tendency to look younger than their real age!

[Asian Skin 1 : Caucasian Skin 0]

2. Asians have a more compact epidermis (top layer of skin) which tends to reduce the absorption of skincare substances when applied to the skin.

This probably explains why Asians pile on more potent potions and lotions and the Koreans have developed a basic 5 step skincare routine but that can probably double up to 10 steps easily!

[Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

3. Asians have darker skin than Caucasians.  The absolute number of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) are similar between the Caucasians and Asians, but Asians tend to produce more melanin which tend to be distributed more towards the surface of the skin, thus the darker skin.

Yeah, isn’t it funny how most Caucasians love to tan their skin whereas most Asians love to whiten their skin.

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 0]

4. Asian skin responds differently to sun exposure than Caucasian skin.  Asian skin tends to tan more and burn less, which means chronic UV exposure tends to produce more pigmentation-related problems for Asians.

I have freckles and sunspots all around my cheeks and nose, thanks to the strong Aussie sun!  GAH!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

5. Asian skin reponds differently to trauma (physical, surgical, chemical or light). They tend to produce more post-inflammatory/traumatic hyperpigmentation, which leaves patchy brown marks on the site of skin injury and this does not resolve easily.  This is often seen in people with minor scratches or something trivial such as an insect bite.  This is also seen in individuals receiving cosmetic laser skin treatments, but end up with paradoxically worse pigmentation after the treatment.

Hyperpigmentation can kiss my a$$!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

6.  Asians have a higher rate of unsightly scars, e.g. keloid and hypertrophic scars.

I can definitely vouch for that because I have stupid forehead scars from a car accident when I was 18.  Boo!!!

 [Asian Skin 0 : Caucasian Skin 1]

Who wins?

Well, it depends who’s reading this?  

  • If you are Asian, you will rejoice because you look young for your age and you need to spend a bit more on potent skincare products and you must avoid the sun, unless you like the polka dot pigmentation face look.
  • If you are Caucasian, you probably didn’t read this far because you don’t give two monkeys about Asian skin and it’s not as if your skin will lose Cauc anytime soon to turn you Asian!
These findings were derived from Google research on Asian skin.  Of course, I trust everything I read on the internet!!! 😛  Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are on Asian skin!  And what do you think about this pilot post of the Asian Beauty series?  Do you want to read more?


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The Secret To Applying False Eyelashes Is To Practice

Even with the best mascara in the world, there’s a limit to what it can achieve for my short stubby Asian lashes.  I’ve had eyelash extensions before and they were disastrous so I will never EVER get them done again because they pulled out all my lashes!!  As for false lashes, I never liked them either because it was so hard to stick them on…until I discovered the secret…

The secret to applying false eyelashes is to practice, practice, practice!  This is my method :-

1.  Measure the lash strip to suit your eye and trim the inner corner, if necessary
2.  Flex the band a few times as it makes it easier to shape according to your lash line and it’s more comfortable to wear
3.  Apply eyelash glue along the strip and wait…wait…wait…
4.  When the glue is slightly tacky, place it as close to your lash line as possible

I was given these glam faux lashes by the respective brands and I have no idea what look I can do with them.  Any ideas?

1.  Illamasqua Grandeur False Eye Lashes are from the Theatre of the Nameless collection.  They are sexy, flirtatious, fluttery lashes.

2.  1000 Hour Evening Lashes #572 Flagrant Glitz have little sparkles on lashes.

Please give me suggestions on what looks I can do with these lashes.  Where would you wear them?  And I’m too old to hit the clubs!!

How To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

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Breasts, boobies, boobs – whatever you want to call them, men love them – in all shapes and sizes.  Now, before you carry on reading, let’s do a quick quiz to see if this post “How To Make Your Breast Look Bigger” is suitable for you :-

Read the question carefully, before selecting your answer.  Imagine if you were running a marathon, without wearing a sports bra.  Based on the size of your breasts, would you :-

a)  Be unable to cross the finishing line
b)  Start running but then have to slow down to a comfortable walking pace
c)  Run like the wind

If you chose a), it is most likely that you were unable to cross the finishing line because your big bouncy boobies gave you two black eyes so you couldn’t see and had to stop running!  You’re reading the wrong blog post love!  You want to read “How To Make Your Breasts Look Smaller” – of which I cannot write about because my titties are already “small and humble” à la Shakira.

If you chose b), it is most likely that you had to slow down as your breasts started to hurt due to lack of support from a sports bra.  Your bosom should be of almost perfect size.  You lucky gal!

If you chose c), welcome to my world of flat pancake boobies!

Please note that even with flat pancakes, I would never be able to run like the wind, let alone run a marathon.  I am lazy and unfit and my belly is bigger than my boobs!  ‘Nuff said!

Before I share my secrets on how I make my boobs look bigger, please may I just point out that I don’t obsess over my lack of boobage and I wouldn’t get plastic surgery to plump them up or anything.  I am generally happy with my puppies and I only need a helping hand in the chest department when a fancy top or a dress calls for it.  For your reference, I’m a 32A – tragic and true – but like I said, it’s not the end of the world and here’s how you can fake a more ample bosom…


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