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Hello Haul : I Heart To Shop

I heart to shop, i love to shop

Hello!  Thanks for all the loving caring messages I received regarding my head injury last week.  You can’t get rid of little old me that easily because I officially put my beauty blogging hat back on yesterday and I am ready to roll.  First up, by popular demand (submit your reader request on Facebook), is a shopping haul post.  As you should ALL know by now, I LOVE to shop and hoard…but this will probably be the last haul post of 2012 as I should be am on a spending ban till I go to Hong Kong in January!!  (Note :  Bans were made to be broken :P)

Without further ado (Grammar Police Alert!  Not “adieu” like some people incorrectly write and say…), here is my collective shopping haul of the last few weeks…


Ben Nye Coral Red Powder Rouge Completes Me

coral red blusher, blush

Hi ladies, I know…I know…I said I would blog about the epic weekend that was #ABBW2011, but I have words constipation!  I do!  Every time I sit down to write about the weekend, I get lost and nothing comes out.  I am sorry.  But I have hyped it up so much that if I don’t write a fantastic post, I may disappoint…myself, mostly…sighs.  But this post is kinda close because I’m talking about a gorgeous product I bought at that epic weekend when I was at IMAT Sydney…Oh yes…

The title says it all.  I never knew blusher like this before until I set eyes on Ben Nye Coral Red Powder Rouge at IMATS Sydney.  I had been lusting after Nars Exhibit A but totally couldn’t afford it so when I saw the $10 price tag on Ben Nye blushers, I knew I had to have it.

Strong, bright warm rich orange red which only needs a light touch with a blusher brush to achieve a beautiful colour to warm up my cheeks.  I used this previously in the Urban Purple make-up video I did and you can see that I just lightly touched the blusher.

coral blusher, dry powder blush

Admittedly, the packaging is not luxe.  The embossed BN doesn’t wow me.  But who cares when the shade is perfectly pigmented for me.

I am kicking myself now for not purchasing a couple more Ben Nye Powder Rouges when I had the chance.

Ben Nye Coral Red Powder Rouge, you had me at “Hello!”

What make-up products have had you at “Hello”?