Guest Review On boa Relaxing Bath Milk

A while ago, Botanics Of Australia sent me a generous package (you may remember, I reviewed their face mask, shower cream and face cream) and in amongst the loot was boa Relaxing Bath Milk With Tasmianian Blue Gum Honey.  I couldn’t use it (find out why later) so I handed it to my fab girl-friend Minda who is a BBC (British Born Chinese) like me, living life in Melbourne.  She’s a food blogger and at the time of writing, her blog is ranked #16 in the urbanspoon Victoria leaderboard.  Woop woop! 


My Current Shower Buddies

I don’t know how it happened but it just did.  Instead of being faithful to one shower product, I started using four shower products – Dove Go Fresh Energise Body Wash Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent, Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub, Botanics Of Australia Revitalising Body Cleanser* and Medihoney Gentle Body Wash* – every time I shower for different body parts!  The way I see it is that the skin on my body is not the same type all the way so I need to cater to this.  Allow me to introduce you to my current shower buddies…


boa Protective Face Cream SPF 15

Today, I bring to you another product review from the Botanics Of Australia (boa) range – Protective Face Cream SPF 15 – which was sent to me for review purposes.  Now, before any non-Aussie readers click away because they don’t think they can buy any product from the boa range, I bring you good news.  You can buy Botanics Of Australia (and more Aussie brands) products from the Fashion Addict website.  (BTW, I was not paid to tell you this and I haven’t tested their online shopping service so…)  Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s crack on with the review…

rosalina hydrosol


boa Detoxifying Mask With Tasmanian Kelp

The skincare brand Botanics of Australia, boa, is another Australian brand I have been introduced to since I started beauty blogging.  The team at boa sent me a few products to review on The Best Beauty Blog and I squealed with delight when I saw that there was a face mask amongst the products – boa Detoxifying Mask With Tasmanian Kelp.  For me, face masks equate to a time to relax, de-stress and pamper oneself.

boa, botanics of australia, face mask

What boa Say

Restore your senses and revive your skin with this soothing and detoxifying mask. The extracts of Tasmanian Kelp help nourish and stimulate the microcirculation in the skin helping to restore the skin’s balance. Suitable for all skin types.

Product Ingredients



face mask ingredients
How I Use It



white fask mask, boa

After cleansing my face and allowing it to air dry, I apply a thick layer of boa Detoxifying Mask With Tasmanian Kelp onto my face, making sure that I avoid the delicate eye area.  The mask starts to dry out after 20 minutes and during that time, I will chill out either by reading blogs or chatting to my Twitter friends.  Afterwards, I will rinse off the mask with warm water and a clean face flannel.  For reviewing purposes, I have been using this every 3 days – but otherwise, I would probably use this once a week.

My Opinions

Packaged in a soft pink squeezy tube, I anticipated the fun I would have with this face mask.  In fact, the first time I cracked it open was in a road trip to Great Ocean Road with a group of friends.  My girl-friend and I enjoyed making the guys feel somewhat uncomfortable with our white-face-masked faces!  (Some guys just don’t understand the necessity of face masks in every girl’s life!)

I noticed an instant tingling and cooling effect upon application of boa Detoxifying Mask – this would be soothing for dry, cracked patches of skin, perhaps caused by the Winter season.  As the face mask dries out, you will notice that speaking is more difficult.  After washing off the mask, my skin felt refreshed and revitalised.  It did not dry out nor cause my skin to break out!  LIKE!!

Unfortunately, I did not like the smell.  It has a soapy, plasticky smell – which reminds me of a cheap eyeshadow palette I own.

Likes :  Affordable face mask which refreshes and revitalises
Dislikes :  Smells like cheap eyeshadow
RRP :  $15.95 (or $10.95 at

boa Detoxifiying Mask With Tasmanian Kelp is a purse-friendly face mask, suitable for all skin types and definitely performs well with replenishing skin, but the scent needs to improve for me to repurchase.

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