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Barely There Make-Up Look

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Something weird is happening to me!!  I’m usually a big fan of bright boomtastic colours whether it be on my eyes, lips, cheeks or all 3 at once (drag queen alert!) – but I’ve turned!!!  I’ve started toning down my bright colours and embracing neutrals!!!  It’s scary!  I wonder if age is catching up because I have started appreciating the colour “brown” in make-up!!!

Anyway, whilst I ponder the ageing process, have a peek at this barely-there make-up look I have been loving…

I must say that my skin looks rather good here…and my eye has a twinkle (without the use of any coloured contact lenses BTW).  I think it must have been good lighting for “taking-photos-of-yourself” day.

Even for a barely there make-up look, I still happened to use 10 items of make-up!!!

Breakdown Of Products Used

Garnier BB Cream, FACE OF AUSTRALIA Gold Mine Quad


Garnier BB Cream in Light & Medium :  When I use Garnier BB Cream, I skip face primer because this is a lovely cream which glides on easily.  I’ve blogged about this before {link} – I mix equal quantities of both which creates the perfect shade for my NC-30 skin.  It’s great at creating a lovely radiant glow in real life…but in photos, it can look as if your skin is greasy…but that’s why you need the next product which is…

bareMinerals Mineral Veil :   Finishing powders set make-up  but also prevent unwanted shine and this one is light and seamless on me.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Mineral Therapy Bronzing Pearls :  Fantastic product to create sculpted cheekbones.  When I use this, I skip blusher because this is sufficient.  LOVE it!


bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face in Bisque :  It’s a concealer in mineral powder form.  I’ve been using this for a while but it’s just not quite there with its concealing powers for my undereye dark circles; but it blends beautifully.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eyeshadow Quad in Gold Mine :  All the colours complement each other and it’s not full of crazy shimmer.  I use the matte dark brown shade for my brows.

Smashbox Girls On Film Cream Eyeliner Travel Set in Sepia :  As blogged previously {link}

Jordana Pencil Eyeliner in Black :  The only black pencil eyeliner that can be used on my waterline without smudging like crazy.

Australis mascara :  I was sent this as part of a Trial Team.  I have somehow lost all my other mascaras!!!


Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm in Clear :  Reviewed here {link} and I love it muchly.

Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Oceanus :  This is the one I reach for out of the entire collection which I blogged about before {link}

So whaddya think?  Feel free to shower me with many compliments so that my head will swell up and I will love you all forever!

Colour Blocking Make-Up Look

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Following on from the Cute Colour Block nails from Monday, today I give you colour blocking make-up which is a recent trend and I love it!  Loud, bold colours are right up my street.  And the best thing is that I can just slap on the one colour on the lid and another on the lower lash line.  No need for blending with base shades, accent colours and whatnot.


Outfit Of The Day : Chanel Wannabe

Chanel pink handbag, coral lipstick

What’s going on?  A second Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) blog post this week – that’s what’s going on!  LOL.

Of course I’d love a Chanel handbag.  Who wouldn’t??  Sadly, I have to make do with a Chanel-inspired handbag till a real one comes along.  I bought this salmon pink Chanel wannabe in Hong Kong at a mere sliver of the price of the real thing.  And before anyone asks, it is not a “fake” Chanel – it doesn’t have a “fake” designer label inside.  It is what it is.

The lippie is Oceanus from the Ciccone Cosmetics lipstick collection.  A girlfriend complimented my lips the day I wore this out.  Another girlfriend complimented my shoe choice.  They are wedged gold strappy Gladiator-like sandals that I bought in Sydney.  And in typical Ling fashion, I threw on random pieces of clothing and hoped for the best.  Check out the rest of my outfit.

Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick Collection – Review & Swatches

When the Australian beauty brand, Ciccone Cosmetics, emailed me and said that they would send me some lipsticks for review, I did NOT expect them to send me EIGHT lipsticks – that’s the ENTIRE collection!  The packaging of these lippies will appeal to all those who love the colour pink and adore sparkly bling bling – oh wait, that sounds just like me!!!  I had so much fun taking photos of these lipsticks so please be warned that this is a picture-heavy post of all things pretty!

The Ciccone Cosmetics lipstick collection – Rhea, Hera, Aphrodite, Cupid, Oceanus, Apollo, Voluptas and Athena – are all names derived from Greek or Roman mythology.  They are a mixture of soft pinks, beige, red and chocolate colours mixed together.  Depending on your skin tone, some colours are more wearable than others.

Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches


Rhea is a nude beige which swatched beautifully on my arm against my NC-30 skin tone, but sadly, not on my lips.  I look like I am on my deathbed.  It highlights all the wrinkles and flakies on my lips so if you’re thinking of purchasing this for yourself, priming your lips is essential.

(However, Rhea will not be left unused because when I apply it on top of my lips after lining it with a siren red lipliner, the colour combination looks amazing!  I will do a separate post on this at a later date, so please look out for that.)


Hera is described as a soft earthly pink tone.  The pigmentation of Hera was great and I only needed one swipe to achieve full colour and opacity.


Aphrodite is a vampy red which has sex appeal.  The name is so apt because Aphrodite was the goddess of love and sexuality!  I can imagine myself wearing this on a special night out with the Husband.  The formula and intensity of the colour was one of my favourites in this collection.  For precise application, I would highly recommend a lip brush.


When swatched on my arm, Cupid is fuchsia but on my lips, it’s an amalgamation of lilac and a cool pink.  Glided on beautifully, but as evidently seen on the photo, priming lips beforehand would be beneficial.


Welcome to my favourite shade of the Ciccone Cosmetics lipstick collection!  Oceanus is a soft coral peachy-pink.  It was love at first swipe!  I am so blinded by love that I am turning a blind eye to the wrinkles and flakies in the above photo – but I assure you that a lip wrinkle filler or a lip primer is next on my wishlist.


Apollo is a pink caramel shade which reminds me of another lipstick in my collection – NYX Frappucino.  Another love at first swipe!


Voluptas is a bright red with hints of orange.  For some reason, I can picture Snow White wearing this on her lips!!  This is another one of my favourites.


Athena is a light brown-pink colour.  I kept having to check the label as I was getting Athena mixed up with Apollo but when applied to the lips, you can see that they are different.

My Opinions

The Ciccone Cosmetics lipstick collection is impressive.  The colours which stood out on my lips were clearly Oceanus, Aphrodite, Voluptas and Apollo.

As the lipsticks are semi-matte, priming lips beforehand would be essential.  There is a faint vanilla scent which, when compared to the smells of NYX lippies, I much prefer the Ciccone Cosmetics lippies any day.  Lasting power definitely depends on what you are doing with your lips so if you’re a big tea-drinker like me, you may need to top up throughout the day.

The only downside to the pretty pink packaging of these lippies is that there is no way of distinguishing the shades unless you read the label and you know which shade matches the name.  If you have a goldfish-memory like mine, this is an impossible feat so you will have to pop open the lid and twist up the lipstick to find the one you want.

One last picture of these lovelies…

Ciccone Cosmetics lipsticks cost $25 AUD each.  For more information, please visit  They are also available in Myer.