Fab Five Friday #1 – Nuxe, Clarins, David Babaii, L’Oreal Paris & GC

Fab Five Friday

To welcome you all back to another blog post after a wee hiatus due to Return of Pregnancy Sickness – the Sequel (let’s not make it a trilogy please!), I have decided to start up a new weekly series called Fab Five Friday where I showcase 5 fabulous beauty finds.  Sound awesome?  Read on for this Friday’s Fab Five featuring products from Nuxe, Clarins, David Babaii, L’Oreal Paris and GC.


Asians, Alcohol And After Sun

I know there are many factors of being “typically Asian”, but for the sake of this post, I have altered it to suit my requirements.  You know you’re a typical Asian if :-

a)  You cannot handle alcohol and go bright red and get drunk easily.
b)  You avoid the sun because you don’t want to get tanned.

This was all of me a couple of weeks ago…except in my alcoholic state, I welcomed the sun into my life and this kinda happened…

alcohol and asians don't mix

Being a sunny day, there was nothing more refreshing than a nicely chilled Rekordelig cider (they are so damn yummy!!!).  I wore my sunnies and sat in the shade, slowly sipping my cider.  One can later, I was beaming red and tipsy.  Off came my long-sleeved top and I was prancing around in the glaring sun with my bare skin sans sunscreen!!  Shock, horror, faint!  *THUD*

I preach the importance of sunscreen and there I was, drunk as a punk, basking in the blazing sun in all my sunscreen-free glory.  (I did a similar thing once when I was holidaying in Costa Brava and promptly spewed out my pint of beer before I got to the toilet.  Pleasant holiday memories…)  There was no spewing this time round; but there was tanning of the unwanted kind.

Perfect timing to bring out the Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating I was sent for review a while ago.  I never thought I would have the opportunity to use it but here I was, slapping it all over my sunburnt bits.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive review about Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating, you have come to the wrong beauty blog. There’s not much for me to say because :-

a)  I have never used an After Sun before so I can’t compare it with others.
b)  I used it in my post-alcoholic pre-hangover state.  Yes, I get hangovers from one sip of wine!

All I can say is that it’s like a moisturiser and it’s nourishing for the skin.  Smells alright and absorbs very well in the presence of sunburnt, dehydated skin.

My skin didn’t peel off and it didn’t hurt…so did I really get sunburnt??  Maybe it was just a tan…?  Anyway, because of that, I cannot comment on the soothing factor of this product.  And I refuse to burn till my skin peels off for the sake of beauty blog research.

Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating claims to “prolong tans” but that’s the last thing I want!!!  Definitely one for the sun junkies!

Lesson learnt : I must only drink alcohol after the sun goes down.  Forget treating my skin to After Sun moisturisers, alcohol can be my after sun treat!

Do you use After Sun?  I don’t think I have ever met anyone who uses After Sun…  Are there After Sun products for your face?  Sorry.  I am an After Sun noob!  But most importantly, what’s your favourite flavour of Rekorderlig?