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5 Face Masks To Suit All Skin Types & Budgets

When I was back in my hometown Glasgow a few weeks ago, one of the first few things my lovely mother did for me was to book me in for a facial at the beauty salon.  I used to get facials ALL THE TIME back in my pre-Aussie days (before 2009) because :-

1.  I was vain (okay, I kinda still am!) and wanted to have amazing looking skin whilst I was flirting with all the guys (yes, I used to be a big flirt too!)
2.  I used to have a semi-stressful lifestyle where I worked really hard and partied even harder so I earned good money (back then!) and could afford/needed to pamper myself

Nowadays, facials at a beauty salon are a long-lost luxury for me.  Instead, I have to resort to good old DIY (even have to trim my own hair!) facials at home with face masks which I’ve had fun testing (anything non-nappy-related is fun for me these days haha!)

Anyway, let’s take a look at them together and maybe you’ll find one that will tickle your fancy…


How To Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It Like A Pro

How to Trim Your Own Hair & Colour It

Before I went on holiday, I had been suffering from consecutive bad hair days.  I blamed the baby.  { I blame everything on my poor baby! => first sign of a bad mother 😛 }  Anyway, to combat this, I decided to give myself a DIY hair makeover.

DIY hair makeovers are fantastic for new mummies like me because :-

1.  It means you don’t have to find a babysitter or take a cranky baby to a hair salon.
2.  You can save money.  Nappies are expensive and babies pee / poo a lot.
3.  It beats having to do housework when the baby is napping.

For my DIY hair makeover, I gave myself a trim PLUS coloured my hair.  It was super easy and here’s how I did it with some helpful hints for you to attempt your own DIY hair makeover.


Touching Up My Redhead Roots

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I’ve had no regrets since I became a total redhead in January when I was holidaying in Hong Kong.  If you’re in HK and you’re looking for a hairdresser in the New Territories, I HIGHLY recommend Kay from Hair Q in Tai Po Plaza who is MAGIC!  I’ve had my hair cut by him twice and it looks amazing when I step out of the salon and it still looks amazing 2.5 months later when it’s grown out with lots of lovely layers and natural volume.  Unfortunately, my hair style might still look good, but my roots were raging to be done a few weeks ago.  Not to worry as I had anticipated this by purchasing L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion P66 Intense Spicy Red before I hopped on the plane back to Melbourne.  Here’s how I got on…


Easy Ombré Hair With Kevin Murphy Color Bug

ombre hair, pink and purple hair, Kevin Murphy Color Bug

OMG, I have pretty colourful ombré hair which goes from orange to pink to purple.  And guess what?  No bleach was involved!!!  Yes, I have jumped on the Kevin Murphy Color Bug bandwagon and I am singing its praises.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug pink, Kevin Murphy Color Bug orange, Kevin Murphy Color Bug purple

If you haven’t heard of Kevin Murphy Color Bug, where have you been??

It’s temporary hair colour in an instant.  It is SUPER easy and all you have to do is swipe it on to hair directly – it’s  as easy as applying lipstick!  It doesn’t matter if your hair is dark (like my Chinese hair) because the colour transfers easily.  To make it last all day, spritz on some hairspray and you’re good to go.

And at the end of the night, wash it off.  Simple!!!

However, application is a tad messy because the bathroom sink is now covered with orange, pink and purple powder.  I am leaving it there so the better half can clean it up!  Muhahahaha!

At the moment, it’s only available in 3 colours – orange, pink and purple – but I bet there’ll be more colours in the future.  I love the fact that I can have pink hair in an instant and check this – they are only $24.95 each!

Many thanks to the lovely Kevin Murphy PR for sending me these beauties.  My hair loves you!


Popular Youtube beauty guru, Michelle Phan, has been rocking a similar look with her cotton candy ombre hair.  I wonder if she used Kevin Murphy Color Bug too…?

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse – Review & Pictures

I am no stranger to experimenting and dyeing my own hair – in fact, one time I covered my whole head of hair in a bottle of bleach and turned it rusty orangey blonde – that was SO not a good look on me and it totally damaged my hair.  Anyway, I have been dying (pun intended – gosh, I am SO funny!) to change my hair colour for a while and I was torn between light brown or fiery red.  And in the end, I decided that I would go brown first and then later, change it to red.  So instead of seeking professional help, I headed to my local chemist and bought the cheapest hair dye on offer, which happened to be – Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse – at half price…which, unfortunately, turned out to be the only good thing about it.  What happened?  Read on for my review.

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse in blonde

What Schwarzkopf Say

Our first permanent colouration as a foam.
Intensive, longlasting and glossy colours with perfect grey coverage.
Easy and even application thanks to mousse.

Are You Blonde?

First of all, you may be wondering why I purchased the Pearl Blonde shade from the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse range because my hair is not at all blonde, but more of a deep dark brown black colour with subtle highlights – “Is she nuts?”  No, dear readers, I am not nuts!  I assure you that I have an extremely valid reason for this.  Like I mentioned before, I have used DIY hair dyes multiple times and I know (or at least, I think I do) which colours work on my hair.  Buying a brown shade will not make my hair go brown so I have to buy a blonde shade to go brown – trust me!


What’s In The Box?

Schwarzkopf, hair dye, mousse, Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

It was easy to make the formula.  Pour the Colour Gel into the application bottle and screw it shut with the foam pump and turn the bottle upside down.  And we’re ready to go…

Please note :-

1) I never ever use the gloves that DIY hair dyes provide – they are shockingly bad quality and ill-fitting!!  I’m a dentist so I have a small stash of gloves which fit my hands perfectly.
2)  DIY hair dyes always recommend patch testing – but erm, I always ignore them.  I am rebellious like that!  😛

My Opinions

Application started off in a careful manner – I sectioned my hair and meticulously applied foam from root to tip – but then after 10 solid minutes of doing that, I got bored and just went batsh*t crazy with the foam – as can be seen in the above photo.  The whole process took me over 20 minutes!!

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I am a foam-lover!  This was my first time dyeing my hair with foam but it may be my last.  It took foreverrrrr to finish the bottle of foam and my finger was getting tired from pressing down the foam pump.  I was also unsure whether my hair was evenly coated with the foam – my hair didn’t get wet but it was semi-wet and rubbery in texture.  What annoyed me the most about the foam was that towards the end, the foam started emitting tiny bubbles from the pump when I pumped it and it flew and settled around my bathroom in random places.  Not good!

Processing time was 30 minutes – but the paranoia inside me wonders if it matters that it took me 20 minutes alone to apply the foam colour…?  (From previous experience,normal liquid or gel colourants take me 5 minutes maximum to apply.)  Anyway, after washing off the foam and conditioning my hair, I looked in the mirror to find…my hair colour showing not much difference AT ALL!  There are some patchy brown hairs here and there but nothing obvious.  To add to the disappointment, my hair was not shiny nor glossy and felt dry and rubbery.

Check out the before and after pics