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Project 100 Pan // Empties 1-5

project 100 pan empties

True story…

Him :  Look!  I just cleaned out the bathroom.
Me :  ARGHHHH!!!!!  Did you throw out the empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel???!!
Him :  YES!  They’re empty!!!
Me :  ARGHHHHH!!!  NOOOOO!!!  I need them for my Project 100 Pan!
Him :  A what??
Me :  UGHHHHH!!!!  Just leave my stuff alone!!!!!!
Him :  But it was getting mouldy!!!
Me :  Don’t throw out any of my stuff again!  *gives Hubby the stink eye for ruining my Project 100 Pan and stomps off*
Him :  *shakes his head in disbelief at his looney beauty blogger wife*

Anyway, as you may have all gathered, I did a Project 100 Pan last year and I may have cheated and bought products before I finished my project, but I also did well over my 100 empties.

I didn’t manage to keep all my empty and used bottles/jars/tubes – thanks to my housecleaning clutter-phobic other half – but I saved most of them to document my journey.  So here’s the first instalment showcasing Empties 1-5…

Tried & Tested Trio : Face Cleansers

pod liquid detox cleanser, Mary Kay Botanical Effects cleanser, Dr Lewinn's Glycolic Acid Cleanser

I go through face cleansers as if I have ten faces instead of one!  Maybe I just have a REALLY BIG pancake face?!!!  I double cleanse which means that I use a cleansing oil beforehand to remove any residues of make-up and sunscreen and then I use a cleanser.  The following are 3 lucky face cleansers which had the pleasure of cleansing my face for the past few months.

(Psst :  I have dry sensitive skin so I had to whisper “Please be gentle” to the cleansers before I cracked them open to use.  No, seriously, I did! :P)


Dr LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel

I’ve read a lot about the Dr LeWinn skincare range; mostly positive reviews.  My girlfriend had a sample of Dr LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel and as a beauty blogger, I simply had to test it.

What Dr LeWinn Says

Gently exfoliates the skin without the use of abrasive exfoliates commonly contained in other scrubs. With natural jojoba beads, the gel gently melts away flaky skin. Dr LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel actually polishes the skin and removes the oil layer from the skin surface.

For normal/dry skin use once a week.
For combination/oily skin use three to four times a week.

My Experience

I have dry/sensitive skin so I am extremely cautious about using facial exfoliants on my face as some are too harsh and can make my skin peel and go raw.

I tested Dr LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel on my arm before considering using it on my face.  I wet my arm and applied product and gently exfoliated skin in a circular motion for a minute.  After washing it off, I noticed that my skin was pink and I could feel pain from the slightly raw area.

Sadly, Dr LeWinn’s Facial Polishing Gel was not gentle enough for my arm, so it would definitely not be suitable for my face.

But I may try other products in the range like their moisturisers.

Have you used any Dr LeWinn’s products before?  How was your experience?